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PC Grim's Market: What I got, you want, for the smallest prices

Hello Welcome to my market, list below what you need and I will give it to you for a small prices

Remember our mod-do: What I got, You want, for the smallest prices

Here are so building and pvp kits you may want

(Special) Giving away one free item to the first three buyers.

Marble Building Kit. Contents: All smooth marble house items. (Price Tag) 1 Gold Coin

Pearl Wood Building Kit. Contents: All pearl wood house items. (Price Tag) 1 Gold Coin

Grey Brick Building Kit. Contents: All Grey Brick Building items. (Price Tag) 50 Silver Coins

Guns Pack. Contents: 5 guns of players choice. (Price Tag) Depends

Swords Pack. Contents: 5 swords or other melee weapons of players choice. (Price Tag) Depends

Armor Pack. Contents: One set of armor and a 2 equip items of players choice. (Price Tag) Depends

Map Pack. Contents: Whatever map/world player wants. (Price Tag) Free

Didn't see what your looking for or not interested in the products above, don't worry just comment what you want an I will get it for you
Yup When you reply back I will get you what you need also you are the first one at my shop so you get a discount Hooray!
[doublepost=1567798938,1567798908][/doublepost]Also I play on Pc
Your Total Price will be 5 cold coins

By the way a have no metal detector or tally counter but I have a phone that will take you home and displays ever thing

Would you like a character pack for 5 cold coins comes with ninja my character surviver and vortex

also be sure to tell me your password and ip address so I can join your server

also tell your friends about my shop and you and your friends will get discounts

Titans Bane

Hey you got Martian key I’ll pay some platinum coins
[doublepost=1567810386,1567810175][/doublepost]And can you host? I’ll pay a lot like a stack or maybe if you throw in a high damage ranged weapon like a bow I can give a stack
you don't have to give me that much but yes I have the items you need

would a vortex beater or a SDMG work

if thats what you want it will come to about 10-15 gold coins

you one of first to buy so you get discount
Hello Welcome To My Auction Were You Bid For Special Items

Rules: No Spamming, No mean Comments, Only Comment About Your Amount For The Bids; Make Sure It's Not Rude, You Can Not Use Copper Coins To Bid, And You Can Chat Nicely
For The First Bid Im Going To Be Auctioning Of Mounts

Also If Your Bid Is Really High I might Give You A Rare Weapon, Armor Piece, Or Special Abilities For Example DPS Meter

For The First Mount Is The Slime Mount Is On Bid May The Highest Bidder Win Good Luck


Would it be possible to get a paladin's shield? I have, a lot of different items and accessories actually so we can trade, otherwise I can just give you some plat and gold
One question what are those I've never heard of them

by the way I have the 2015 edition so that might be from newer content

I can only join people who have 2015 stuff or character because if I don't it won't load


Hey grim! I hope it would be fine if you will be able to hook me up with a PDA. If you can't do that, I would like a Goblin Tech, A fish finder or at least a Metal Detector. A Cell Phone would also be nice. My Steam ID is V2. I will check this forum daily to see if you replied. Thanks for your time! Also, I noticed you said I need 2015 stuff or character. I got the game this year so I don't know now.
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