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tModLoader Grox The Great's Mods O' Magic Revamped


Hello, when I activate your mod, the minions self-destruct by killing the enemy NPC, I tried to disable and enable the mods in turn, which are in the mod loading menu, this bug disappeared when I turned off your mod.



Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic Revamped

Hello, and welcome to my thread! This is a hub of all my mods that I create using tModLoader as the API for them. These mods can cover a wide variety of topics (and are not just limited to magic weapons as the title of the thread might imply.) :p

If you come across any bugs or problems while using any of these mods, PLEASE report it in this thread or the Discord Channel (see here)! I cannot fix problems if I do not know about them! Make sure to give a general idea of what you were doing when it crashed and an error report if one is provided. Without these, It makes it very hard to fix issues.

If you want to report issues, talk about any of my mods, or simply have some gossip about Terraria in general, hop on by my discord: Click Here!

I'd like to thank Yoraiz0r, Shockah, Arkhalis, Zero-Exodus (ZE), ZetaPRIME, Solsund, UnrealMegashark, everyone in the TmodLoader Discord, everyone in the Mods O' Magic Discord, and anyone else I might have missed for helping with feedback, code, images, or testing. I'd also like to thank The Offical Terraria Wiki for use of it's images and being a great source of info on Terraria in general, and of course, the Terraria team for making Terraria in the first place!


Basemod (TModLoader v0.10.1.15, v1.0.8)


Basemod is an API of sorts that all my mods utilize. It has many methods and variables that make modifying the game and creating content faster and easier. Some features include:
-- AI methods for almost every Projectile and NPC AI in the game, excluding bosses, as well as a few custom ones. Almost every one has an 'ai' parameter, allowing you to provide your own AI float arrays and to stick more then one type of AI into an npc then you normally would be able to. Some are also 'Generic' - meaning it can be run for NPCs or Projectiles.

-- Draw methods that simplify drawing complicated things or just to make code cleaner, such as GetFrame, DrawAfterimage, DrawHeldSword, etc.

-- A class with useful variables within, such as a town npc's name, common dust IDs or netmessage constants.
Basemod is not just for my mods, however: Anyone who knows how is more then welcome to use this mod and have it as a requirement for thier own!


v 1.0.8

- Mostly updated a few minor bugs and such.


- added experimental way to add custom Effect files to Terraria, subject to extreme changes later.

v 1.0.6

- Fixed a fairly serious flaw with WriteToPacket where it did not split apart byte arrays properly, this has been fixed.
- Little changes here and there, nothing major.

v 1.0.5

- Various small tweaks to streamline methods.

v 1.0.4

- Fix for ReplaceTiles which caused a crash on use.


- Hotfix for Trace to prevent a crash and produce an error log if it somehow does.

v 1.0.3

- fixed various minor bugs.

v 1.0.2

- updated to TModLoader version!
- Changed all Sound extensions to return a Legacy sound instance instead of an int.

v 1.0.1
- Was not released, lol.

v 1.0
- Ported to TModLoader :D!


GRealm (TModLoader v0.10.1.15, v1.0.8) (REQUIRES: Basemod)


NOTE: To people asking for a wiki: I have no time to make one alone. HOWEVER, if anyone wishes to create it themselves, they may PM me about it and we can see if we can set one up.

Grealm is a modification to Terraria which adds a variety of content, including new NPCs, Projectiles, Items, Tiles, etc. The content is spread all across the tiers (and in some cases, creates tiers of it's own), and will be encountered throughout the game. Some of the features include:
-- A large amount of new items, including materials, swords, staves, guns, ammo, and even some summoning gear.

-- A good amount of new NPCs, both friend and foe, including a few town NPCs, such as the Bug Catcher and Miner.

-- Battle Plantera's weaker cousin, Folivine, a prehardmode Jungle boss! Folivine was designed before 1.2 had come out based on Teasers for Plantera. While he is based off of Plantera, don't be fooled: his AI is nothing like Plantera's.

-- Fight in the brand new zombie based invasion, The Horde! This massive invasion starts out as an early invasion and evolves as the game progresses - newer, stronger, and more variant zombies emerge as bosses are beaten. Eyeball riders come with the Eye of Cthuhlu's demise, Beekeepers with the Queen's last breath. Come hardmode it really gets scary - can you handle The Horde?

LATEST CHANGELOG (Full log on the Discord Channel)

v 1.0.8

- Completely reworked a lot of internal code to remove as many static references as possible. The result of this should be more consistent behavior between reloads.
- Completely reworked Folivine with new AI, attacks, and sprites both for it and things relating to Folivine (Trophy, Mask, etc.) This was primarily because Folivine was very old and desperately needed an update, and now
functions properly in multiplayer instead of being a twitchy mess.
- Fixed a semiserious bug with texture loading in my mod specifically which result in misfires occasionally. This would result in invisible enemies and incorrect texture loading, especially with reloads.

- Added support for Ancients Awakened:
* Horde Zombie now has quotes for bosses in Ancients Awakened.
* Added Mire Leech; a Blood Leech variant that only spawns in the Mire of Ancients Awakened. Drops Blood Fangs and Mire Pods.
* Added Inferno Trencher; a Trencher variant that only spawns in the Inferno of Ancients Awakened. Drops Trencher Carapace and Dragon Scales.
- Added support for Furniture, Food and Fun:
* Flower Zombies now spawn if you are in the floral biome during the Horde and Jack now counts towards the kill total (but does not spawn).

- Added two new Horde Quests to the Horde Zombie: one to kill Mantids and one to collect Living Branches, both post-Moon Lord.

- Fixed the Ghost enemy spawning pre-hardmode in the Horde when it is meant to spawn post-hardmode.
- Fixed various Horde enemies that are not strictly zombies not counting towards the killcount.
- Fixed Deep-Focus Orb not providing mana flower benefits and prevented issues with Orbs rarely being mis-typed. (ie cursed orb inflicting ichor)
- Fixed Mantid Matriarch and Bumblebirb Rider downed flags getting mixed up when joining a multiplayer world.

- Changed a lot of sprites:
* Changed Butterfly Post; sprite updated.
* Changed Firefly Lantern; sprite updated.
* Changed Gillstorm; sprite updated.
* Changed Pirhana Pour; sprite updated.
* Changed Tropicuda; sprite updated.
* Changed Burning Rain; sprite updated.
* Changed Mechanical Implant; sprite updated.
* Changed Jungle Bait; sprite updated.
* Changed Bloodbath Potion; sprite updated.
* Changed Blood Fang; sprite updated.
* Changed Cosmic Bloodbath Potion; sprite updated.
* Changed Jumpstart Syringe; sprite updated.
* Changed Meatshield; sprite updated.
* Changed Pegasus Circlet; sprite updated.
* Changed Crown of Mantodea; sprite updated.
* Changed Mantodea's Trinket; sprite updated.
* Changed all Shells; sprites updated.
* Changed Omniboots; sprite updated.
* Changed Crystal, Cursed, Ichor, and Frozen Orbs; sprites updated.
* Changed Blood Leech; sprite updated.
* Changed Flesh Ripper; sprite updated.
* Changed Sprout Specter; sprite updated.
- Changed Blighted Eyemaster; sprite was reworked to more resemble the newer Blighted Eyes from Calamity.
- Changed Undeadipede Post-Devourer of Gods: Heavily nerfed damage and slightly nerfed defense to reflect balance changes in Calamity.
- Changed Wyrmflesh Gauntlet; tooltip now properly explains the effect based on changes in Calamity.
- Changed Mantimyte Bar; recipe's material requirements have been reduced to prevent harsh grinding.
- Changed Horde Staff; sprite updated and recipe's material requirements have been reduced.
- Changed Grovite Pylons; now hit npcs near them instead of attaching to each other as the old system was unreliable at best and broken at worst.

- Removed Pylon Rod; due to Grovite Pylon rework this no longer had a function.
- Removed Bone Bolts and Tomb Bolts; they were intended as a mechanic for hitting Golems harder but ultimately proved clunky and not needed. The two Decryptors still have the secondary function of firing arrows.
- Removed Cursed Phasesaber; This was a relic from way back when this mod was first made; the game has evolved past it since.
- Removed Clown Mask; this injoke has run it's course.
- Removed Hoopy the Hoop; you will be missed.


These items and npcs are (mostly) exclusive to the Zombie Invasion!


More images coming soon!


Would you consider adding boss checklist support? I had difficulty finding out how to fight Folivine and I think it would be helpful for there to be a guide to this mod's boss fights.
I'm wondering if, you know since your part of Relogic now, if you'll let anyone else take over your mods for you.

Seems you don't really intend to keep them alive anymore, Grealm's a cool mod and I'd be a shame to see it left behind...
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