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tAPI Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic

Discussion in 'Released' started by Grox The Great, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    I will say that I did not read that, but I will still cry in the corner for ages. 'cause I'm a noob, and idc
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  2. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    THAT is hysterical!!!!!
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  3. TheTano

    TheTano Terrarian

    So I think there is an error in this mod that causes A LOT of molten golems EVERYWHERE.
    In the earthengolem.cs file there is a line in the spawn conditions:
    if (golemType == 0 ? (Main.rand.Next(5) != 0) : golemType == 7 ? (Main.rand.Next(10) == 0) : (Main.rand.Next(20) != 0)) { return false; } //1/5 chance to spawn before calculations
    I think it should be:
    if (golemType == 0 ? (Main.rand.Next(5) != 0) : golemType == 7 ? (Main.rand.Next(10) != 0) : (Main.rand.Next(20) != 0)) { return false; } //1/5 chance to spawn before calculations
    So far it has stopped the parade of molten golems in my game but I literally knew nothing on how to even work on a mod earlier this evening and just self taught myself enough to fix this problem that at least I was having. Basically I could be dead wrong and it was designed that way or I am fixing it wrong.

    So after some testing that little fix definitely decreased the amount of molten golems in the world but they still appear all over the place when they should only be appearing in Hell. The spawn conditions for them seem correct but I know almost nothing about coding and am basically just using context clues as to figure out what I think I am looking at. Is anyone else having this issue?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2015
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  4. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    I'm at a loss at how to make the Arcane Welding Station.

    How do you obtain the Welding Arm? The rest of it I can figure out but according to Neo's Recipe Book, there doesn't seem to be a recipe for the Welding Arm.
  5. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    well its quite stupid actually: they are a drop from zombinators during the horde...BUT ONLY AFTER YOU'VE BEATEN THE GOLEM!!...yes..you have wasted so much of your time :3
  6. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    Ummm...no. I haven't even fought the Horde yet.
  7. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    ooohhh...I assume since you were only looking for the welding arm you must have given up trying to get it from the horde and came here...well you ruined my joke..thanks for that :naughty:
  8. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    Thanks. I got the Welding Arm from the Horde.

    I just crafted a Static Cannon. What does it need for ammo?
  9. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    I don't know..try grovite??? or any other random item into the guides crafting menu?
  10. Redball

    Redball Golem

    10 crystalline batteries (Voltarcer/Static Cannon ammo) needs 10 empty canisters (you get 5 for an iron or lead bar, i think it was at an anvil), 2 pixie dust and 5 crystal shards at a mythril/orichalcum anvil.

    You can make grovite tracers with it. They are like chlorophyte bullets but with higher dmg.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2015
  11. nyL. sz Linne

    nyL. sz Linne Terrarian

    I love this mod.
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  12. Lingo

    Lingo Eye of Cthulhu

    This mod looks amazing! I will definitely try it out! :D
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  13. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Whats the point ? he doesnt reply to his mod thread anymore. And please, remove that white background, it hurts my eyes
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  14. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    Attempting to start a new world, and darned if I remember how to make Poison's Grip. Yes, I tried adding one already made to the guide.
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  15. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    actually..ive played through with this mod about 5 times over..and I don't think ive EVER heard of that item...its probably melee though..and I don't do melee...until my melee playthrough that im on right now..i just got acess to the dungeon in it..but if I find anything about it I shall tell you!..yay teamwork? :D
  16. it is a shame that grealm is abandoned, because those golems are still drunk nuisances that think they are friendly mobs(with a hunter potion is used) and love to spawn near towns.
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  17. Redball

    Redball Golem

    20 Rich Mahogany and 15 Corpsethorn. I think the coprsethorn was from the horde when summoned in the jungle, and i think it was in hardmode. Could be wrong though.
    It`s a fishing pole ;)
  18. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    so a golem walks into a bar...and the bartender...alerts the local police that there is a giant rock monster on the loose and should be taken down before it disturbs the peace.

    this has been: your anti-joke of the day
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 22, 2015, Original Post Date: Jun 22, 2015 ---
    pretty sure corpsethorns drop from folivine..also I thought it was some sort of venomus claw item :p
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  19. Redball

    Redball Golem

    That`s the Golden Thorn;)

    Just tested on my hm-world (all bosses down) so i can`t tell his spawn requirements. Corpsethorn drops from a horde enemy in the jungle. It is the gardener. He also drops the Ravager Seed for the Pendant of Pain.

    Edit: Plantera has to be downed for the Gardener to spawn. I knew someone wrote it somewhere.

    I still wonder where i would get the Volcanic Shard though:confused:
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2015
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  20. Well they are clearly drunk, if they were sober golems, they would realise they are a hostile enemy and not a friendly animal. :p

    Also the earthen golems always stumble their way into my lava moat.
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