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tAPI Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic

Discussion in 'Released' started by Grox The Great, Oct 23, 2014.

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Lock date: 00:26 05-07-2017
  1. 000

    000 Terrarian

    The ~three posts right above you and the op say that it hasn't so probably not.
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  2. DarkLordofTheSith

    DarkLordofTheSith Skeletron Prime

    However, it is planned to be updated to tmodloader, I believe.
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  4. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    Soon. Very soon.
  5. bootr bawss

    bootr bawss Skeletron Prime

    ooooooooo. cant wait
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  6. Vatan

    Vatan Terrarian

    Can you make a tModloader version of this please ? i would be really grateful !
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  7. Look a couple posts up and you will see your answer. ;)
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  8. Vatan

    Vatan Terrarian

    in work in progress ?
  9. 000

    000 Terrarian

    Also says so a few posts up so yes.
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  10. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Can't wait for this to be in tmodloader!!! :D
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  11. bootr bawss

    bootr bawss Skeletron Prime

    ok now that grealm is on tmodloader v0.9.0.1 ( I has questions.

    firstly: how do u get grovite?

    secondly: is there a frost themed biome in this mod? cause I found some blocks and mobs but haven't seemed to find any biome

    thirdly: I don't have a third question
  12. (not) Crono

    (not) Crono Skeletron Prime

    1: beat the Golem.

    2: I'm not sure. There wasn't a frost themed biome when this mod was for tapi, but who knows.
  13. Sewagy Lou

    Sewagy Lou Terrarian

    is basemod for mac too? terraria just has the reading basemod loader up but its not moving at all, its been over an hour with no movement so I'm not sure if its compatible
  14. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    Good point, although i'm not sure how to request a lock.
  15. Enokida

    Enokida Terrarian

    will u port it to tmod
  16. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    is alredy in tmod bro
  17. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    Uh-whut? I can't believe I typed that, but I'm so in shock from this question, lol!!!
  18. Enokida

    Enokida Terrarian

    i found the tmod version
  19. Something Edgey

    Something Edgey Terrarian

    can you change miner to like Gminer cus i haveing a other mod that has a miner its make it so there keep spawning Grealm miners

    idk if cus i have 2 npc thats called miner idk but it just happend when he came

    the miner npc that i think that is makeing the problem is form trelamium idk if what i said first is going to work but it be sweet if you can maybe find a fix
  20. Aigracier

    Aigracier Terrarian

    I love your mod, it's very different from the others..has a unique feel to it.
    I wonder if you could in the future add an upgraded version of the Arkhalis ? The weapon is unique but unfortunately can't be useful in Hardmod.
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