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    Im not any good at introductions, but i guess ill try. Welcome to my post! On here im going to be posting any mods i make along with download links and all of that fun stuff. Ill try to keep all of my mods up to date with the latest version of tapi, and im always looking forward to suggestions. Whether its balancing, or just general recommendations, its all welcome.

    Portable Craft Guide - tAPI r14 - 1.0.2
    This mod is simple. Hit g to open up the craft guide. No point in going to the guide anymore if you forget how to craft something. Just hit g!
    There isnt any for this mod. There isnt really anything to show.
    Download here.
    1.0.0 - Initial release
    1.0.1 - Fixed icon
    1.0.2 - Fixed a few bugs
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  2. Lied71

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    How does this work? I have nothing appeared. Maybe need to create a recipe book, and if so what kind of recipe?
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    It does work! Congratulations. One qualm though. When Autopause is off, (where you can still move around) there is a perpetual "inventory up" mode sounding off while Guide Info mode is on.

    If I had a suggestion, it would likely be to click on an item in guide-mode to see how that item is made, such as if a material for a recipe has a recipe of its own to make. Kinda like, "Oh, so that's how I make that. But how do I make that first item there?"

    EDIT: Oh, wait, I do have an "actual" suggestion. I guess.

    Right now, when Guide mode is toggled on, and Autopause is on, we can't close the inventory until we close guide mode. Something tells me that's a downside of this mod at the moment, as damn useful as it is.

    EDIT2: Also, it also doesn't open at all, autopause or not, when a chest is open.
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    Hmmm... Where is download? :rolleyes:
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    Ill get to work on fixing that right away, although there isnt really a fix for the last one, except for closing the chest inventory.

    EDIT: Fix inbound for the 3 issues.
    EDIT 2: New version uploaded.
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    Man... This is just divine
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  9. Guiding Intense

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    i found a bug if you are typing in multiplayer or reanming the chest and you need to press g and it will open the Crafting Guide and is quite annoying cause you cant type it and you said who will ever need Guide we need Guide to summon WOF
  10. [GTRx]Potato

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    ill fix it, and also, sadly atm, you actually need the guide to pull up the craftguide. lol. ill find a way to change this eventually.
  11. Thank you! I have wanted this for so long.
  12. When using @Shockah 's Fancy cheat menu, pressing g while searching brings this up instead.
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    Yo, i found something, when autopause is off and guide mode is up, there is a really annoying machine gun shooting inventory up sounds at me, it's really annoying, pls fix.
  14. [GTRx]Potato

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    Recently switched computers, so i havent been on here much, but ill get to work on fixing these as soon as i can. Sorry for the wait
  15. Thanks!
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    You can't rename a chest (containing g) when you have enabled this mod.
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