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Guide: How to play multiplayer cross-platform PC & Mobile


This guide is confirmed to work today 3rd of November 2020.
When new game versions are released you need to adjust the steps accordingly.

Confirmed to work with Terraria version which is the current mobile version.
I followed the below steps to make it work, and now I can play on PC together with my kids, who are both playing on mobile (iPads, also confirmed to work with my Android tablet).

Required: Terraria bought on Steam and Terraria bought on mobile (game is cheap and worth it so don't even think about piracy). Another requirement to run the DepotDownloader is to download and install the .NET Core 2.2 SDK from here: Download .NET Core 2.2 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

In order to play together both the mobile and PC version must be the same, so here are the steps to downgrade Terraria on PC to version

1. Download the Steam DepotDownloader from GitHub: Releases · SteamRE/DepotDownloader
2. Unpack the file and adjust the depotdownloader.bat file as follows

@echo off
dotnet  DepotDownloader.dll -username YourSteamUserName -password YourSteamPassword -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 5578977409290338966

This will basically tell the DepotDownloader to login to your Steam account and download Terraria (app 105600) from the Windows release depot (depot 105601) and take version (the written manifest).
I found all these id's by simple search on SteamDb https://steamdb.info/depot/105601/manifests/ correlated with the desktop release dates on the terraria wiki Desktop version history

3. Open cmd or another command line interface and navigate to the folder with the depotdownloader.bat file and execute it from in there
4. When it is done downloading you can login to Steam and add the Terraria.exe file from the depotdownloader-2.3.6\depots\105601\5683958 folder as a Non-Steam game and rename the shortcut to Terraria
5. If you host and play a multiplayer game from your PC using that exe file you will be able to join the game from any mobile devices on the same LAN.

And that is it!

If you feel like it you can also use TerrariaServer.exe in the same folder as the Terraria.exe to host your game world for any mobile devices (and any PCs running version when you are not playing on PC yourself.
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Official Terrarian
Sadly it is not possible to do that possibly later once all devices get 1.4.1 but now it’s not possible


These instructions don't quite work, but they took me 90% of the way there. I did some trial and error and it just needs a different manifest number.

@Echo off
dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -username YourSteamUserName -password YourSteamPassword -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 2857434596711182063


With the mobile server the OP's manifest was the right one for me.

The DepotDownloader gave me such encouraging messages as

Failed to find any server with chunk 91c59a3637cce6283fec29b202aec6ae6379dbc5 for depot 105601. Aborting.
App 105600 was not completely downloaded.
The operation was canceled.
Connection timeout downloading chunk 169776740c94c2a4b30d0e3ea2eddb4a6b05de1f
Disconnected from Steam

but after running it a few times I got a fully working steam client (Terraria.exe)

The manifest NobleHeretic suggested didn't work for me as it gave me the version and wasn't compatible with the mobile server.

This said ...

all in all getting this to run was a tedious and from my perspective needless process. I got my kids the mobile versions (Android) as a holiday gift. They liked the game as much as me when it came out (and the game only grew from back then).

Getting to browse steams depos just to join (all in all a now simple solution looking back, but coming from 0 knowledge about crossplay compatibilities it was a 2 day long journey), identifying the right server version (I'm surprised there is a mobile version, at all), then finding out the PC client can't connect to it, but it kind of can if you try steam console, but the old manifest isn't available to download, so there is DepotDownloader and trying to identify the right version ... and after all that it just seems to work perfectly.

I have NO idea why the developer wouldn't just synchronize the PC and Mobile releases and let us play together. You won't catch me playing the mobile version with my old fat fingers and my kids don't own their own PC's each ... don't make us jump through hoops to have some fun together if there is a technical possibility that makes this game worth much much more and adds huge value to people who want to play together with (very slightly) different versions.

I personally miss nothing from the latest Steam version and was glad to have been able to legally download an older version (I will say it again, in a tedious and needlessly complicated fashion), but I think the developer should make this simple for us.
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Thank you so much for these instructions!

I was able to get this working with your original instructions.
Here are a few more details for anyone that wants them.

Phone: Galaxy S20 FE
Mobile Terraria version: Build 543
PC: Windows 10 x64

Installed .NET Core SDK 2.2.207
Downloaded DepotDownloader: 2.4.0 and unzipped into C:\Tools\depotdownloader-2.4.0-prerelease\

Then in the depotdownloader-2.4.0-prerelease directory:
dotnet  DepotDownloader.dll -username YourSteamUserName -password YourSteamPassword -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 5578977409290338966

After this, the Terraria files are located in
Right-clicking on TerrariaServer.exe > Properties tab shows that the version is

I double-clicked Terraria.exe and ran Terraria for the firs time to generate a new player and a new world (named "WorldName").

I copied the serverconfig.txt file to serverconfig.WorldName.txt. Put the full path to the WorldName.wld file in there, along with the options I want.
I copied start-server.bat to start-server.WorldName.bat and edited it to point to the serverconfig.WorldName.txt config file

Then I double-clicked the start-server.WorldName.bat file, and was prompted with a Windows Firewall prompt asking if I want to allow TerrariaServer through the firewall. I allowed it for private networks only.

Then I found the IP address of my Win10 computer using "ipconfig" (192.168.x.y).
Then on my phone I went to Multiplayer, added a new server using the 192.168.x.y IP address, port zzz (matches the serverconfig.WorldName.txt file)
Note that both my phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi network.

And it worked! I was able to use the player from my phone in the brand new world being hosted on the server.

Thanks again.
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