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Guide to the Drill Containment Unit.

Discussion in 'Terraria Guides' started by GalladeGaming, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. GalladeGaming

    GalladeGaming Skeletron Prime

    1. Make a new world.
    2. Go to the Corruption/Crimson and smash 1 Shadow Orb/Crimson Heart with a hammer.
    3. Wait for a meteorite to fall and mine at least 120 meteorite ore. turn that ore into 40 Meteorite bars.
    4. Place lava on water/water on lava until you get 40 obsidian.
    5. Go to the Underworld and mine 120 hellstone ore. Proceed to make 40 hellstone bars and beat the Wall of Flesh.
    6. Beat the three Mechanical Bosses, make a Pickaxe Axe, and go to the underground jungle and mine 720 chlorophyte ore. Proceed to give Plantera a beat down `:cool:.
    7. Go to the mushroom biome and get 600 glowing mushrooms.
    8. Farm 20 ectoplasm in your Post-Plantera Dungeon. Now go to your Adamantite/Titanium forge and make 40 Chlorophyte bars, 40 shroomite bars, and 40 spectre bars.
    9. Kill the golem, cultists, and the pillars.
    10. Farm the Moon Lord enough to have at least 160 Luminite. Make 40 Luminite Bars.
    11. Go to your Mythril/orichalcum anvil and make your Drill containment unit! Enjoy!`:naughty:
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  2. Sir Ikaros

    Sir Ikaros Steampunker

    I'm a bit sad about it that the drill containment unit is an end item... Would be better in my opinion if you could get it maybe just after the cultist, but instead in another pretty hard way :/
  3. Draconix8302

    Draconix8302 Terrarian

    Wow thats insane, people just gave me theirs when i started
  4. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 The Destroyer

    Personally I find a combination of the c.c.k. and s.d.c. much better for mining and flight.