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OOC Gurandohanmā OOC

Discussion in 'Forum Roleplay' started by SimeaseKitten, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Title: Gurandohanmā

    Genre: Detective / Slice of Life

    Introduction: You, yes you, were invited to an amazing school called The Grand Academy. You didn’t sign up for this school, because the school won’t allow that. Everyone that attends the school is invited by agents that scouted you for one thing you have. It is your Ultimate talent. The school intends to make you better and wants you to get a higher education for you to pursue that career. However, this is no ordinary school, so be warned. Either way, hope you have fun.

    1= No Bunnying
    2= Follow TCF guidelines
    3= No Eating Pianos
    4= Be active. If a week passes and you haven’t told me why before hand, you will be kicked.
    5= No one liners please
    6= No Meta Gaming

    IC Thread Date: NDY (Not Decided Yet)

    Student Handbook: -Blank-

    Ultimate Talent=
    Weight= (Optional along if you have pic)
    Height= (Optional along if you have pic)
    Other Stuff=
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  2. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    Ultimate Talent? HMMMMMM... Seems VERY Familiar... Sounds like Dangan... Nevermind.

    Name= Theta "Thete" Sigma
    Gender= Male
    Appearance= Wears winter jacket(despite being indoors), regular blue jeans, gray shirt, and a bow tie. Also wears weird hats now and then. Has black hair, brown eyes, and that's about how creative I am.
    Personality= Childlike
    Ultimate Talent= Ultimate Lucky Student Engineer
    Likes= Fezs, Glasses, Pirate hats, stetsons, and bowties.
    Dislikes= Violence.
    Weight= Have no idea how heavy he is.
    Height= Have no idea how high he is.

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  3. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    Name: Juniper
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind of mixed. Juni is a funny, enthusiastic fellow, who won't hesitate to abuse her dignity (as seen in the YouTube video, 'I DO DUMB STUFF IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN') and has a hatred for donuts, acting as though she fears them (as seen in the YouTube video, 'The Adventures of Hooneeper and Foob part 4'). However, she will do all sorts of things for her small group of fans on YouTube (it's somewhat big, but it's nothing compared to DanTDM so uh yeah), like saying their voice lines or even eating a donut. She can sometimes be easy to anger, but can keep her cool sometimes.
    Ultimate Talent: Being an awesome YouTuber and getting subscribers on YouTube
    Likes: Doing weird things for her fans
    Hates: DONUTS.
    Weight: Unknown
    Height: Unknown
    Other Stuff: trips over bridges. A lot.
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  4. GodlyCutlass

    GodlyCutlass Steampunker

    Name= Red Beard
    Gender= Male
    Appearance= Younger, his notorious dark red beard and chevron moustache was well kept in his youth, his senses, abilities, and complexion are sharper and more appealing, has clean kept clothes such as his black and gold overcoat, boots, and captain's hat.
    Personality= Aggressive style and pretentious
    Ultimate Talent= Pirate Talent
    Likes= Wealth, Victory
    Dislikes= Those who have not had experience on the sea. There's a word for it.
    Height= Average, male height, too lazy to think of specific numbers
    Other Stuff=N/A
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  5. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    Danganronpa Stuff.png
    Eh. Close enough.
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  6. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

    Name: John Gabriel Olivers

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: "Blue Pitbull"

    Eyes: Green

    Nationality: Scottish

    Location: Inverness, Scotland

    Personality: Introverted, angry, calm, overreactive, clever, rebellious, easy-going,

    Appearance: Wears black trousers and black gloves with a normal white long sleeve under a black overcoat with a red tie. Occasionally wears an ushanka.

    Ultimate talent: Ultimate Strategist

    Ultimate dream: Reuniting and restoring the 79th Regiment of Foot.

    Favours: Leadership, ice cream, cats, snow, and winter.

    Dislikes: Discipline, summer, cakes, sand, and being pranked.

    Description: John Has a serious nature with a hint of being clumsy and comedy.
    His ancestors were Scottish who where part of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (79th Regiment of Foot), and Erwik wants to restore the regiment after it disbanded long ago.

    "Why would someone disband a great regiment? I won't wish for it to be recreated, I will start recreating it and reunite the 79th Regiment of Foot!" - John Gabriel Olivers
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  7. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    Like every child in the universe.
  8. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

  9. ThatOneMobileTerrariaUser

    ThatOneMobileTerrariaUser Eye of Cthulhu

    Name= Leif Tor Evans

    Nationality: Welsh

    Location: Ponterwyd, Wales.


    Appearance=Brown hair, a grey hoodie too big for him, skinny jeans (blue), biker gloves and sunglasses.

    Personality= Laid back, calm and a quick talker. But can go into a hot headed and insult spitting madman when his friends are insulted.

    Ultimate Talent= A great artistic talent, more of a cartoon style.

    Likes= Drawing, cooking, ALL DA HISTORIE, carpentry and engineering.

    Dislikes= large quantities if people, bullies, people with a mouth to spout and money to spend.

    Other Stuff= Born in a poor family under any monopolies you can count,L.T.Evans tried to get his way around with charisma and smooth talking. after MISERABLY failing, he decides to do a plethora of child labour to get some money. He was finally able to smooth talk to get better deals but charisma was as luscious as a normal tree in the NORTH POLE. One dealer decides to hook him up at a school ages away. After saying goodbye, packing his handmade crumble and got on his 6-geared bike, he set off to the awaiting school.

    (I hope this submission is accepted i needed to be tweeked I will see what I can do. Thanks!)
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  10. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    If you get a like, you are accepted. If not, wait for me to say why and what you need to change.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 11, 2019, Original Post Date: Mar 11, 2019 ---
    I though you wanted to be a pirate detective. The ultimate pirate is still open.
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  11. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

    *Eats pianos*
  12. GodlyCutlass

    GodlyCutlass Steampunker

    (See I wanted to but I don't know what I would do for him, so I made a new char. I could see if I can make a pirate detective, but would it be Red Beard or another char?)
  13. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Red Beard would be fine, but he would have to be younger. Ultimate pirate talent could mean that you known how to work a ship and you traveled many places
  14. GodlyCutlass

    GodlyCutlass Steampunker

    Check the same post, I made changes to it. Should be good now.
  15. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

  16. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

    Updated my character.
  17. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    I thing you should change your ultimate talent to a better term to describe so. I kinda looked over this a while back but looking back, I think it should be changed.
  18. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

  19. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Terrarian

    Ultimate British Heir
    Ultimate Commander
    Ultimate Sucessor
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 12, 2019, Original Post Date: Mar 12, 2019 ---
    Something along those lines
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  20. Doppelsöldner

    Doppelsöldner Retinazer

    I like the Ultimate British Heir one, but ironic of how my character is Polish. Maybe related to the British Heir?