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PC [Hamachi] New world


So i am starting a new world , comment here if you want to join you .. I don't mean anything bad but to join you have to have these requirements :
- 15+ Years old ( Because it's just feels more comfortable and better for me to play/talk with people with convergent age ).
- You have to have Teamspeak or skype .. Because a playthrough will be much better and easier with mic chat .
- My timeline is GMT + 2 so you have to be on a time line near that ( +0GMT - +4GMT ) so we won't have problems about the time .
- And of course you should have hamachi (it's only 8 MBs and free https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx) .
Here's the hamchi room : ter2050 || password : 123
And add me on skype dobe202
We are 2 now . when someone else join we will start the world :)
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