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Hand Warmer Drop

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by PersonHuman42, Dec 26, 2018.


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  1. PersonHuman42

    PersonHuman42 Terrarian

    Hello there, HumanPerson42 here. I think that as well as being dropped form presents, the Hand Warmers should be able to be dropped form Ice Mimics. This way, players could get a very helpful item for traversing the snow biome, without having to change the date on their computers. It would make sense as Ice Mimics already drop other ice-themed items, and this would fit in.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    I believe they would be suitable as drops from a Zombie Eskimo, but do as you wish.
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  3. Phantasmental

    Phantasmental Terrarian

    I support this! I always wish I could get the Hand Warmer anytime of the year as it is immensely helps with exploring the Snow/Ice biome. I agree with Yello_Xplorer that it should be dropped from Eskimos, as the Hand Warmer can be obtained pre-HM with presents anyways.
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  4. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    Yeah, eskimos are definitely the way to go. Great suggestion though! Support!
  5. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    And making them drop from Zombie Eskimos would make Hand Warmers available at the time when being inmune to Chilled is more useful, specially in Expert Mode.
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