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Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!


Skeletron Prime
I don't think its Post ML content. Its either rework of Celebration or new Expert Drop. Another theory is that we get kind of "exo" weapons aka MK II for all ML drops that require to grind all ores(kinda like Drill Containtment Unit)
That would be post Moon-Lord content though. Anything dropped by moon lord, or crafted with luminite is what I'd consider to be post ML content. It could very well be a rework of the celebration, but a new weapon would be cooler in my opinion. And your idea of upgraded moon lord drops sounds pretty cool.


Slime Collector
late but still, happy birthday yorai! [doublepost=1521830156,1521829988][/doublepost]also one thing i thought of when i saw the celebration mk2 gif


Official Terrarian
happy Late borthday, terraria is soo exiting that i forgot about the forum while playing, thanks for smart cursor, quick stack, and dual wielding mod


Quality Assurance
Staff member
You will have to wait and then extract files to png, I wouldn't be surprised that glowing part is only white like rainbow bricks original sprite, coded to change colours over time.
Exodus got it exactly right; the sprite itself shows white in the changing areas, and the game itself is what applies the shifting colors, much like Rainbow Bricks and the Rainbow Slime. :)


Duke Fishron
This game would not be what it is today without Yorai, and that's a fact. Happy late birthday, pal!


Shame on me... I'm last...

Happy Birthday, Yorai! No-one could have ever made such an OP mod than you!

(We need a Yoraiz0r emote!)
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