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PC Happy Holidays! Terraria PC 50% off for Steam Winter Sale!

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Could someone tell me what DRM free is because I honestly don't know is what GOG is. :rslime:
I noticed curved blocks, haven't seen that before (unless it's a property of that block)!
DRM is basically an online check to see if you actually own the game, the problem with that is that many people dont always have online access, so for may DRM free is a preferable option


Skeletron Prime
I’m an Xbox user, i couldn’t wait any longer, I seen that terraria is 50% off

I bought it.

Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Merry-After-Christmas and a happy new year!


I don’t believe I really should be asking it here, but I’m just wondering how 1.3 for consoles is doing. I don’t know anything about bug fixing or if the holidays came into play.


Happy Holidays everyone!

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful 2017 thus far and that your preparations for this joyous Holiday season are underway. We are certainly planning to spend some quality time with family and friends - and, again, we are quite thankful for the gift of your support that you give to us each and every day.

In celebration of this festive season, we are proud to take part in the Steam Winter Sale. From today (December 21) until January 4th, Terraria, Terraria four-packs, and the Terraria Official Soundtrack are all 50% off!

That means you can pick up Terraria for $4.99, a four pack for $14.99, and the Official Soundtrack for $4.99! To grab a copy for yourself or a friend today, click the image above or the link HERE.

So, from our team to yours, Happy Holidays!
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