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Hardcore expert mode "Legacy" play-through?

Has anyone ever tried a hardcore expert mode "legacy" play-through where you keep one main world as your home world and build a graveyard for the dead hardcore characters that preceeded your active character?

I thought it would be fun to play through all of Terraria's content and role play a bit with a legacy system. As characters die, I would add them to the graveyard and even write elaborate notes and signs detailing what the character achieved in the world and what they left behind. It would also add something in the sense that I would try to find multiple copies of good tools, accessories, armor, weapons etc so that if a character died, they would leave behind enough to give the next character a head start to continue the legacy.

Single player
Hardcore characters only
A large expert world (home world)
Unlimitted large expert worlds (for farming resources and items as needed)
When a character dies, all items on their person are lost (no backups, no recycle bin etc)
Create a new character
Create a detailed grave marker or even more text on signs to document the history of the legacy
Continue on and repeat on death

It would be interesting to see how many characters it would take me to get through all of the content.

IT would be fun to build elaborate grave markers and shrines to honor the dead, especially the dead who lasted very long and beat a lot of content before dying.

Has anyone ever done something similar to this and tell me how it went? Any suggestions or ideas to spice things up and make it more enjoyable?

I'm not a fan of hopping between worlds, Terraria was meant to be played as one character on one world imo.
Just to be clear, 90% of my time across all characters would be on the home world. Extra worlds would be to farm some resources for ease of life and find items that are impossible to attain on a single world.

That said, I do see your point and I think it comes down to personal preference. Multi-world aside, I am curious if there are any ideas on how to improve the "legacy" system and spice things up a bit even if it is just in a role play sense.
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