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Hardcore Ghost is trash.


As of the current state of game, the hardcore mode post-death ghost thing is garbage. It should generate a little light to only the ghost so they can see what they missed in their worlds when they died. They should also be able to teleport to players in the game so they can spectate them. Another thing is they should be able to open chests but not take anything out. This could help people realize what they could've done in their world and see what they should've done. The ghost can literally do nothing. Maybe there could be a post Lunatic Cultist item that sometimes drop froms him which allows players to revive the dead hardcores. This could give more of a multiplayer friendly aspect to the hardcore mode.


I don't see the reason why you should have the ghost to have features. It can't do anything because it's no longer related to the world.
It's just there to spectate the world, or other players before going away abrupt.


btw in fact, i like hardcore! it gives me a good challenge with that moonlord deathray (aspecially in summoner!)
I enjoy hardcore as well, but once you die you cant do much. You should have more ability to view over what you left in your world, like in minecraft. You can still interact with chests, but not change anything.
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