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Survival Hardcore Map v.1


Official Terrarian
Greetings, dwellers of the Terraria!
Last changes:
18.02.2016 - Added a new achievement and updated several achievements

I represent to your attention to hardcore map! On this map, you are in for a nightmare! Here you will fall! From the dark forces! Request: create a new character
  • Map in "Expert"mode!
  • Map 2 evil forces!
  • Tons of traps!
  • Many falling stones!
  • Mountains! Clever uphill will not go, clever the mountain will be gone.
  • The starting chest!
  1. The first night: Survive in 1 night.
  2. King Arthur: Find The Enchanted Sword.
  3. Meeting giant eye: Kill the Eye of Cthulhu with 1 times.
  4. The local market: To settle 5 NPC.
  5. Mince: Kill The Wall Of Flesh in Necro Armor.
  6. Destroyer of Altars: Break ALL the altars, but 1 can be left :)
  7. Pyramid raider: Smash The Pyramids.
  8. Angel: Find ALL Sky Islands.
  9. Traveler: Scroll to each edge of the map.
  10. Oops, Chiric: Fall and hit 25 times.
  11. The knight from Hell: Kill the Destroyer in Hell Armor.
  12. Berserker: Kill the Moon Lord, in Turtle armor and without using potions.
  13. The hair of Snakes: Obtain the head of Medusa.
  14. Brushes and Wallpaper: To paint and hang Wallpaper in the house NPC.
  15. Crazy Falling Blocks: To die from the falling sand/silt/slush.
  16. Killer Slimes: Kill the King of the Slimes from the head of Medusa.
  17. Rainbow rain: Kill 10 Rainbow Slimes.
  18. Legendary Mage: get ALL magic items in the Dungeon.
  19. The collector of honey: find and kill 3 Queens Bees.
  20. Paver: Align the surface to any edge of the map.
  21. Indiana Jones or how to get to Golem: Get in close to the lair of the Golem avoiding traps.
  22. The Perfect Hero: Kill the Moon Lord, The Destroyer, The Twins and The Skeletron Prime in one night, being Shooter.
Board of honor:
Here are the players who have completed all my achievements. The Board is still empty...

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Map is an expert mode map, and there are a ton of traps and boulders added as described. What is not described is that the world is already in HM and you have nothing but the normal starting gear (I assume you are supposed to use a new character). In other words you are going to be encountering Blue Slimes right off the bat that have 260+ HP and all you have to hit them with is copper gear, and that's not even getting into the actual HM mobs.

None of the chests look to be editted to give anything of actual use so you are going to have to dig all the way to hell, fighting off HM mobs the entire way, to get some hellstone so you can mine out the HM ores. Which also means getting a LOT of bombs or trying to kill off BoC/EoW with HM mobs harassing you so you can dig through the crimstone/pearlstone on your way down. You better hope you get one of the rare HM drops that doesn't require a Mythril/Orihalcon anvil to craft.

I actually like the idea of a map with a lot of traps, especially since I will have to get the Mechanic before I can dismantle any of them. I am not going to be playing this map though. I have no issue with hard maps, I did the Story of Red Cloud map, various other adventure maps, and various gimmick maps (the world is flooded, sky island, etc), but there is a difference between "hard" and "ghosts and goblins unfair".


Official Terrarian
Thank you for this comment.
The surprise was starting Hardmode, that's why I wrote in the Description of the map (well, the whole surprise is revealed). About a large amount of HP slimes I know. That's why, a map and Hardcore :)
P.S. I will make the map better in the next version :)
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