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The Axe
Similar to Phaseblades and Phasesabers, Ore Staves getting a HM upgrade would be cool. There'd be one for each tier (from Cobalt to Titanium) and they'd be crafted using Crystal Shards instead of colored gems. I'm not good at assigning damage values but I'm guessing around the Cursed Flames book. These would also give mages more of a reason to mine HM ores and stock up on them properly to fight the mech bosses. What do you guys think?
literally doing a mage playthrough right now,and while i haven't gotten to HM yet (currently just grinding for a normal gem staff) i think this would be really beneficial as you said
I feel like this would make the selection of mage weapons in early hardmode feel too bloated, there is already dozens of options a mage can use against the mechs. I don't feel like it's necessary to add in several different staves in this stage. You could however argue a singular staff comprising off all gem types, maybe too complicated of a crafting recipe and there's already multiple rainbow mage weapons in the game but I feel like that would be a better choice than multiple different staves
The Crystal Storm and Cursed Flame were pretty much designed as the "you need these" early-hardmode weapons for mages. Six new staves would overinflate the class.

Also you're both wrong, Cobalt to Adamantite*
I actually agree with you, but under very specific circumstances.

The Devs would need to get creative with this one, but here are several missing niche roles each staff could possibly fill.
  1. There's no precursor to Clinger Wall, or a Clinger Staff's, Magic Sentry-type weapon(s) [like Crimson Rod and Nimbus Rod].
  2. It'd be cool to see a similar-in-nature, but unique version of Magnet Sphere, which you don't get until post-Plantera.
  3. It's a shame that spells like Tome of Wisdom and Ancient Storm are only able to be enjoyed much later in-game [excluding Weather Pain].
  4. Though not totally magic exclusive, I do think that a Minion-like, Magic Sentry would be neat, similar to Crystal Razor Leaf on the Chlorophyte Set.
  5. I guess the overall idea is "utility" over "focused", making them more like Auxiliary Weapons, so they "complement" and don't necessarily compete.
Not 100% married to any of these ideas, just adding some clarity to the concept of unique Weapons and abilities that we don't see very often [which isn't a bad thing btw].
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