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WIP Hats--Randomly Spawning Vanities Obtained By Killing Hat-Wearing Mobs



What Are Hats?

Hats come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes in real life. Sadly, Terraria does not contain too many solo head vanities. This idea was created to change that.


Mobs like Doctor Bones and Rune Wizards drop their 'clothes.' But not many other mobs so that, though they should. To fix that, there should be new items called 'Hats' which can spawn on any mob at any time. These 'hats' can be found both in prehardmode and hardmode, and, unlike the hat of Doctor Bones, can be found on any mob.


How Many Hats Are There, and What Are They?

Each hat is pretty rare to find on a mob, but with more than 30 hats, it is not uncommon to see a monster wearing one. Some hats include:

Party Hat

Fireworks Hat


Helicopter Cap

Sun Hat

Straw Hat


Stove Pipe Hat

Backwards Cap


Please Keep In Mind That These are Only A Few Hats, and More Will Be Added To This Thread Soon. Thanks @BryTheGamer for sprites!



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This needs much work. Would this make sense? I mean, I would like too see a thing in vanilla that sometimes, heads of humanoid monsters drop respectively. But just hats dropping from everything don't make sense. They could be sellable by clothier for killing/getting some stuff. This needs MUCH work, and at least some sprites. No support for now.


Official Terrarian


Pls play enough Terraria and see what is ingame before making Suggestions pls
Just saying


I know that you can get that, I play Terraria quite a lot. This would be another way.
I really like the concept of this, but this would need some work, as EchoNex said.
Maybe make hats drop from specific enemies (not one enemy, but like 3 to 6).
And if you're lookin' for sprites, I'd be willin' to help out!


Dungeon Spirit
Yep, just here to voice similar opinions to the others.
While this certainly can be a great idea, it needs more details to do so:
A. Hats shouldn't drop from every mob. Blanket items (EG souls and such) always have a reason to be dropped. If limited to a few enemies, these enemies should be relevant to Hats in some way (perhaps a Halloween drop, or Harpies dropping Helicopter Hats?).
B- With said modifications, the idea still needs much more detail. What would the drop chance be? Rarity? Would there be any tool tip? How about some kind of reasoning behind mobs wearing hats if you don't plan on making specific drops? Are the items craftable, or sold as well (which would make sense, being vanity that can probably be crafted with in game items.
C- Finally, wrapping up the more detailed shpeel, if you don't plan on spriting these items yourself (I recommend you try, practice always helps), please give interested spriters some description (a general look, colors, etc.).
As soon as some details are added, I'd be more than happy to support, but no support right now :)
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