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Have Eater of Worlds drop Treasure Bag near player


So, I lost another two Treasure Bags today, after killing the Eater of Worlds ten times.

The Destroyer once did the same, dropping its Treasure Bag deep below the ground if you were unlucky, but this was fixed, as the treasure bag will now drop near you.

It'd be nice if the same thing was implemented for the Eater of Worlds. When it has some damage over time applied to it, the worm can die deep below the ground, taking its Treasure Bag to the depths of Never-To-Be-Seen-Again.

My apologies if this suggestion was already made.


Please. I always have to munch tunnels through the ground after every EoW kill.

That said, this might be more difficult than doing it with the Destroyer, given that there will only be two segments of the Eater of Worlds left when it dies - it can't pick a location close to you. A better solution might be to just have treasure bags drop at the player's location, assuming they're alive when the boss dies. Treasure bags are already assigned to each player anyway.
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