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Have you killed Sans?

Have you killed Sans?

  • Yes on bad time simulator

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  • No-hit him.

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Have you killed Sans in Undertale? He is... "A bit challenging" but I wanted to know how many people have beat him.

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I’m just gonna say this now but I couldnt kill undyne genocide so I reset And when I tried to do pacifist route it for some reason didn’t count so I knew I HAD to do genocide and I haven’t played scince lol


Suprising for me that it's not titled "Have you completed a genocide run?" As it implies you'll do a genocide run just to fight him.
Oh, alright, there is a simulator for those that don't want to take the route.

I can't manage myself to even start a genocide run. That step is harder for me to take than beating a certain difficult boss.
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