Having problems with loading worlds with different difficulties


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So I am able to load any world, any size, but the moment I attempt to load a world that's not on journey difficulty it doesn't let me do anything, please help i have no idea what to do. I already tried unistalling and reinstalling 3 times, and verifying game integrity.


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Journey characters can only load Journey worlds. And classic / mediumcore / hardcore characters can only load Normal, Expert and Master worlds. It sounds like you might be mixing them up and using a Journey character to load a non-Journey world?
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Could you clarify the issue? "doesn't let me do anything" . . . what does this mean precisely?

Is it stuck on the world loading screen? Does it load into the game, but you are frozen? Does the menu fail to let you open them at all?

Have you tried making a brand new world that is not Journey, or does this only apply to old worlds? Sigma's scenario is also a good question too.
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