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Other Art Hearthstone Crossover : turning Terraria into Hearthstone cards !


Hello, fellow Terrarians !

I have decided, after noticing my form of art being seen as good, to go further with it and make more Terraria-related Hearthstone cards.
They will range from enemies to items and maybe even weapons !
For now I have the Bosses and their Servants, made for the Terraria's 2nd anniversary Contest and the first Slimes.

---------------Before we begin---------------

Made by Blizzard :
-Taunt : Enemies must attack this(these) minion(s) first before anything else ;
-Divine shield : Can ignore damage once ;
-Charge : Can attack immediately (Minions usually wait one turn before attacking, not these ones) ;
-Windfury : Can attack twice within the same turn ;
-Battlecry : Does something when played from the hand of the player ;
-Choose one : Choose between two options that are described on the card
-Deathrattle : Does something when any minion with it dies ;
-Discover : Choose between 3 options (can be cards, effects, etc...) ;
-Enrage : When a minion with it is injured, does something or this minion had additional stats or bonuses

Homemade/Expressions :
-Poisonous (X,Y) : Any minion with it poisons any enemy for X damage during Y turns after attacking said enemy ;
-Craft : Combine two or more cards into one that has a different/upgraded effect.
-(*) : Any minion having their name put before this has special abilities that are explained in his card description ;
-Hard-removal : Ability to destroy(kill) a minion without dealing actual damage ;
-Morph : Transforming a minion into another minion.

---------------The cards---------------

[Note : This series of flavor texts is going to be longer, I haven't covered the whole slime family yet !]

This slime is too small, isn't there a bigger one ?

Still not big enough.
By the way, where is the Blue one ?

I hate purple. Besides, it is still too small

[Insert random complaint about size here.]
Who knows the color of her eyes when she petrifies someone ? Not even herself ...

Requested by JUICEBOX.
King Slime (Blue Slime):

The leader of a slimy army. Has trouble being one with himself.

One of the King Slime's Pawns. Good thing they are here to pull him together.

Eye of Cthulhu :

An ancient watcher that came from the skies... But where is the other one ?

Eater of Worlds (And servants) :

A great beast living in the Corruption. Or great beasts ? It's quite difficult to tell...

Being smaller isn't a problem. it even allows for more precise tasks like teeth brushing.

Looks like the Smaller Eaters were not enough... they must have a pretty bad dental condition.

Brain of Cthulhu (Creeper) :

A flying monster ruling over the Crimson. Being the Brain of the Cthulhu family doesn't mean she is their Mother.

So that's how she watches over us all...

Skeletron (& Co) :

Skeletons don't bleed. They drink ketchup. And give bad times.

Curse of the hands :
The remains of two great creators of a lost universe.

Curse of the Man :
"The lady killer greets you. Do not mind the Blazing Wheels and the Spike Balls around here, they will not bother you for too long..."

Curse of the Guardian :
ALWAYS knock on the door before entering the dungeon !
Queen Bee (Larva) :

She might be a little overprotective when it comes to her son. After all, it was just a flesh wound.

"My Mom always told me to avoid playing with strangers."--Giant Larva, before a game of "Catch the knife".

Wall of Flesh (& Co) :

Someone's got a bad breath. And an overwhelming desire to destroy you.

Hungries. It has to be Hungries.

Not to be confused with a Lich, who has complicated parental relationships.

The Destroyer (Probe) :

I didn't know their dental condition would worsen to the point they even had to replace their soul.

This one were not made by aliens but it is still able to probe you.

The Twins :

So you're saying one more of you is missing ? I will keep an eye out for them.

Skeletron Prime (& Arms) :
"So expensive and yet so weak..."
"...That may have been the worst misjudgement I ever made !

Plantera (& Tentacle) :
Plants like music, especially Plantera. With The Axe, she rocks like a Pantera when she's not busy devouring reckless Terrarians.

No tentacle jokes allowed here. Seriously.

Golem (& Hands) :

You barged into his home, killed his worshippers and awoke him from his sleep. How else could he have reacted ?

Duke Fishron (& Tornado) :

-"It's a fish !"
-"It's a dragon !"
-"No, it's Duke Fishron !"

Must be quite the experience for the Sharknados that come out of it... alive.

Lunatic Cultist (& Co) :
I wonder what he was doing before we killed his men. Maybe he was trying his assassin cosplay ?

It would be a Neverending story to tell you how him and the Cultist met.

It seems to bear a close resemblance to the Cultist's lost friend...

Moon Lord (True Eyes) :

"All your land are belong to me ! Look on my pillars, ye Mighty, and Despair !"

Third eye's the charm, I suppose...
[Note : too lazy to think about flavor texts right now. I will add them later.]

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

Your flavor text here.

And of course...

"I'm OP, right ?"


---------------Word of the end---------------

Blizzard, who made Hearthstone which is why this thread makes sense ;
The Hearthcards team, because they made this wonderful tool which allows me to create the cards I want to create;
The TCF Staff, for having helped me make up my mind about creating this thread through the Terraria 2nd Anniversary Contest ;
Last but not least, Re-Logic, for making Terraria.

I will submit more cards of this kind so you guy can roast me to hell make your comments about these cards, whether they are OP or not, etc...

Well, that's all I have for now !
See you next time around the Terraria Community Forums !
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A new batch of cards is coming soon !
I have decided to start with something simple (One of them being an exception) and I will have a few cards fixed/nerfed.
I will also be taking requests when the cards are released, so you can tell me what you want to see turned into Hearthstone Cards.

Edit : New cards released, introducing you to the Crafting mechanic !
These are not those you'd like to see the most, and that is why I am now taking requests from any of you.
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