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Hello Everyone, My Name Is PythonGB - An Introduction!


Ah, PythonGB. Well I'm glad to see you strolling about in these forums, I personally love your videos. Enjoy being in these forums, I'm sure you'll get along well.


Staff member
Hello! I'm already subbed to your channel, nice stuff. How do I get onto that server that you and pedguin play minigames on?


Yore my favourite terraria YouTuber ahhh awesome when did you come on can you put up a video of how to download n terraria on Windows 8.1
Thanks for the kind words buddy! And yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinions, I respect that. I just happen to really like that g oops deleted someone's stuff but you're still best terrarian ever.


Skeletron Prime
Hi, I watch you videos quite often, you're one of the few terraria youtubers that I actually find their videos interesting ._.


Eye of Cthulhu
Yo! Never realised you were on TCF! Welcome! Your videos are awesome and you are skilled at Terraria. I gave played for about 900 hrs and still never got all the endgame items ( RNG hates me). After my 100 the pirate army or so I got a coin gun. Anyway, hope you carry on making great videos - some other Terraria you tubers are waiting for 1.3, but You are always active!


My apologies for not being too active on this thread recently. Been a bit busy in real life with my job. Got Christmas coming up as well so still quite busy but I'll do my best to be a bit more active on this thread! Thanks for all the warm welcomes and for the support my friends, I do appreciate it! :D

jacob olson

Hey man I actually just started watching your videos and you are actually very entertaining to watch, that as well as informative, I loveed watching your finale episode! You beat All those bosses man that was crazy to watch!
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