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hello humans i've come to introduce my new mod "destiny arsenal"


hello humans since i caNNOT be bothered retyping the title again i shall just shut up and cut to the chase !

okay listen so basically about a millenium ago, some dude posted some mod about porting a handful of guns and and stuff from the infamous fps looter shooter destiny the game which you can google for yoself. now, that mod has basically been rendered obsolete with the second game in the series and the creator appears to have given up with it idk why it was fun lol, so i have decided to carry his/her/their flag and make one myself. i have come to post about it so please. please. please tell me your thoughts otherwise i will

okay, first up, some guns i've sprited. you'll notice which ones are recent and which arent (i promise it's not hard to tell h)

hello here is retrofuturist, my favorite sprite so far because it looks GOOOOD

hello here is retrofuturist 2: the one that shows how it looks in game

okay next up the showrunner

here it is again but smaller

okay here is the next one, phosphorus mg4

smaller time!!!

alright boys here's the ones i dislike and you can probably guess why anyway here

sweet business, i dislike this one the most so somewhere down the line i'll update it to look good and not just a really big sprite that's been resized to .2f ingame lol


in game

sunshot. this was the first one i did ohj god i just spoiled the game


okay last one i promise, riskrunner. this was the second one i developed

small guy

oh yeah i found a folder of really old sprites that i will infact not be using i did like 4 years ago so you can also have them too






thanks for reading PLEASE critique my stuff so i can improve yes i am coding the mod entirely myself as well as the sprites
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