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Hello. I'm a human. I think.


Skeletron Prime
Thing is, I don't have a problem with furries.
Neither do I, marginally.
Yiffing?...-googles that too-

okkkk?...Looks like a fancy word for "Midnight pillow fights" if you ask me. something that everyone does when people really really like each other. ^^
Okay, we should probably stop now before we all get infracted.


Welcome to the Terraria Comunity Forums, where the community is weird, and all like Terraria, look through suggestions, and give support to ones you like, or even go and create your own suggestions... after reading useful tips about making them.


Skeletron Prime
Its my personality^^ but hey it makes things more fun in the thread .. for me at least >3 instead of straight up answer^^ but if it bothers you let me know now before i accidently chase you away from the forums^^
Nah, it's cool. I like it.
[DOUBLEPOST=1435261376,1435261319][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, one does not simply run away from TFC...
Once you're in it, there's no backing out...
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