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Hello Terrarians!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dinosaurus Rex, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Dinosaurus Rex

    Dinosaurus Rex Terrarian

    Hello! My name is Dinosaurus, and I am fairly new to the Terraria community :p I am, however, Pretty familiar with Terraira. I am VERY excited with the new community website, and proud to be a member :D I have played a total of 464 hours of terraria, and I love to build houses and stuff xD I would say im at least halfway decent at building xP So, I just wanted to make this post to introduce myself to the new community website, and thats about it xD so how ya'll doin tonightt?
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  2. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Can't beat my 550 hours of terraria :)
    Welcome to TCF, have fun !
    and because youre behind me i give ya a slime :joy:
  3. Dinosaurus Rex

    Dinosaurus Rex Terrarian

    Haha, thanks xD And I'll work on my playtime, adding onto it right now, actually xP
  4. PepsiMan

    PepsiMan Spazmatism

  5. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Currently playing terraria too :p you won't get me :)
  6. Dinosaurus Rex

    Dinosaurus Rex Terrarian

    xD im just messing around with the gameiki mod
  7. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Cheater ;)
  8. Dinosaurus Rex

    Dinosaurus Rex Terrarian

    im not cheating x) Im messing around in creative mode
  9. Youfad

    Youfad Skeletron Prime

    Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Mr.Honk

    Mr.Honk Steampunker

    Welcome to the forums, i haven't played as long as you :c. But still not new to terraria i hope you get to enjoy this community like we all do :3.
  11. DXExiled

    DXExiled Steampunker

    Welcome Dinosaurus, I actually have near one thousand hours myself. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll reach that many hours too. :)
  12. Dinosaurus Rex

    Dinosaurus Rex Terrarian

    Haha, thanks for the warm welcome everybody x)