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Hello the Terrarian learns to draw

What do you guys want to see?

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I would like to request my OC, Sivath.

What you need to know about Sivath.
-He looks like this :

-The backs of his wings are entirely black.
-His kunais have no leather wrapped grips or anything special like that. Just pure metal. (Hint : If you do draw the kunais for this request, the fire is not mandatory, but it would be appreciated.
-The skull necklace is not mandatory.
-His pants are a slightly darker shade of his shoulder belt.
-His shoes look like these :

-Though it might look like it, Sivath does not wear any sort of cape.
-There is a rumor that Sivath's mask is stained with demon's blood. (Which is really really dark... like... about as dark as the shadows on the red parts of those shoes up there.)

And now you know more than you probably needed about Sivath.

Now for the actual request. xD

I don't know if you do backgrounds, you don't have to even if you do, but I want Sivath in a pose to look like he is flying over some sort of terrain. Something like this :

Also, apologies for the insanely long and detailed request, but you did say...
Please provide the best description or photo of your character when requesting so I have a clear example of what your character looks like while drawing.
... so I did. :p

Anyways, I look forward to seeing this, and feel free to take your time or save this for last. And as one final note, I want this in digital style please. owo


Duke Fishron
I would like you to draw a Terraria character of mine. He wears the Karate Tortoise Costume, but please leave out all the ninja stuff and make the mask a part of his head. He has Leaf Wings, and if you want him to hold a weapon make it either a Seedler or a Terra Blade. You choose if it's digital or not. Thanks!


Skeletron Prime
Wow, I really like your art, it's adorable! X3
Could I request a digital drawing of my terraria character?
And could you have her, with the Axe, doing that slide on a stage? I couldn't find reference, but when people slide on their knees with a guitar, one hand up? Sorry, I suck at explaining. 'q'


hey. can ì request a traditional piece ( I see everyone ask for digital, but I like the "grit" of traditional) I would like me, just the dude in the trenchcoat and fedora, black pants, gloves, and shoes. his eyes are hidden in the hats shadow,. the coat is CLOSED and NOT made of leather. I would like him leaning against a charred and broken concrete wall.

if this request is a bit complicated, feel free to deny/ cancel at any time. I harbor no grudge
also, the hatis a fedora, NOT A TRILBY. easy mistake


(this is meant to be an edit for my previous post but it wont let me do so.) if its not too late, could i also get my character to wield a daybreak or solar eruption?

Robot Scout

Hey, can you do a traditional art of a terrarian in silver armor (Male) holding a ruler sword? If you do it, the reference for the ruler sword is in my profile picture.


Official Terrarian
Nice art!
Can you draw a comet in space because,you know,I'm a comet?
Reach for the stars!
Though they look pretty far...
I'll find my own way...
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