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I have memory loss (both short and long term) so I am easy to confuse and get lost a lot. I keep bees, garden, cook, and play harmonica to list a few hobbies. In terraria I love making potions, hoarding, and going pew pew with anything that pew pews for combat. I played a lot in school but recently picked it back up a few days ago and can't put it down. I joined here in hopes of finding a multiplayer buddy or two to help with things I am unfamiliar with like fishing. I am an open person so ask me anything. Hope this post is ok I have terrible grammar and spelling.

Moor Oakheart

Welcome to the forums, Squinchy!

You're not familiar with fishing (in Terraria)? It's quite easy actually. First, make a fishing rod (of course). Then get some baits (like worms or any insects). After that find a pond that is quite deep (you can't fish for fish in shallow water), it can be in the overworld, underground, or even the sky! Throw the hook there, wait for a bit, then pull it right when the bait is bitten (there will be a blurp effect and sound).


I know how to fish but what I dont know is little details like where to catch what, or even what to catch and why.
Some of them like butterflys appear ramdomly at day
Worms appear ramdomly in underground and surface and also in decorative stones in surface and underground also
Fishing is useful for catching... fishes... That are useful for makiing potions

Moor Oakheart

Yes, you can find the bait almost anywhere. Worms from rocks or when raining, grasshopper from grasses, butterfly during some day, Firefly during some night, many other bugs and critters in the jungle biome, and more.

As for the fishes. Normal fish (normally, the one that can be cook) can usually be found in almost any water of any biome. As for quest fish, don't worry, the angler will point out where they can be catch (like the cloudfish in the sky and the spiderfish in the cavern). There are also many other type of fishes which can only be catch in their specific biome, like the fish needed to make items or potions, or the fish that act like tools and weapons, or even pets. I don't think I can mention all of them and the place where to find them. There are way too much. See and check out the wiki about it is much more preferable, I think.

All fish can be catch with any kind of bait (except Duke Fishron). So, you don't have to worry about what bait will catch what fish. Your bait and your fishing rod only affect the chance of you to successfully catch a fish.
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