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Mac Help (hardmode)


I have been in hardmode for a little bit now and im stuck on what to do. I have hallow around my base (internationally) full adamantite armour with all 3 helms. I also have Daedalus stormbow, cutlass and meteor staff. I have attempted fighting the twins and the destroyer but i got killed around 50% health on the destroyer and 70% on the twins. What gear upgrades and such should i get? If possible I'd like to play summoner but there aren't many early hardmode summon weapons. Thanks in advance! :D

DV Game

firstly you should use Daedalus Stormbow with holy arrows (still good) and make a box to defend yourself (for Destroyer)
then make megashark and kill the twins (with gravitation potion)

also, you can get Dart Pistol/Rifle for destroyer probes


Official Terrarian
Even though summoner doesn't have that many options early in hardmode, all of them are pretty strong. Get spider staff by farming black recluses in a spider cave, then try killing queen slime a few times. Enchanted daggers will shred the destroyer into bits and pieces. Try to kill a dreadnautilus (fished up durning a blood moon, pretty rare so may take some time), if you're on normal mode it has a 50% chance to drop sanguine staff (on expert/master the chance is 100%). Sanguine staff is strong enough to carry you to golem if you're good at dodging, but even if you aren't it should be more than enough to take down the twins and skeleton prime.
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