tModLoader Help with fargos and calamity on server


Official Terrarian
Hello! Recently, I have opened up a modded server for a few of my friends to play with, but I have run into a problem.

Recently, there has been an issue with the Calamity and Fargos Mutant mods when used together, specifically with the banner recipes. Usually, you can fix this by disabling the banner recipes in the Fargos mod config, which prevents the error from occuring.

However, seeing as the files in a server work differently, I am unsure of how to disable the banner recipes specifically for Fargos on the server files. Because of this, I cannot run both mods at the same time on my server, and I really wish to do so.

I am running tMod on Terraria, for reference.

I was hoping if anyone knew what exactly to edit in the server configs, if there is a way, so that the banner recipes can be disabled on it, since I don't have a general idea of it myself. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!
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