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PC Help with this issue

So first, is this preventing you from using the sever? (Causes close, etc). If so, then there seems to be something to do with how it is rendering the lighting of blocks. More description is necessary to help out. I suggest edit the original post, and title. Also, I say the same as above; are there any server plugins or mods? Especially anything that changes how things are rendered, e.g overhaul. Try running the server on a fresh install of terraria (move your installation and re-download.) Please document what happens there, and we can isolate where the bug is originating.


So sorry for being late, I didn't get an alert. And it is preventing me from using the Pve part of the server. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it stopped working. I'll try again sometime when I'm avalible. It just sends me out of the application with an error message. The server is called Terraria One. It is not nodded or anything.
[doublepost=1568403115,1568403094][/doublepost]Again, I'm sorry for being late.
Have you fully cleaned up the files?
[doublepost=1568405177,1568405091][/doublepost]Also, does this occur on just this server? Try others— they may have a broken plugin that is stopping you from playing. Look around online too. Other people may have the same problem on the server.
[doublepost=1568405370][/doublepost]Perhaps bring this issue up with the staff by using 'discussion' on Terraria One | Terraria server


No I haven't cleaned up the files. I've never been on any server like that so I haven't experienced it elsewhere. Ill "clean up the files" when my computer is available. If the issue keeps on happening, I'll contact one of the Terraria One mods. My computer is currently being fixed.
I see. By clean up, I mean delete the terraria folder (your saves are stored elsewhere don't worry), and reinstall. Perhaps you need new framework too
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