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tModLoader Helpful NPCs

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Caseratis, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Download on Mod Browser

    Helpful NPCs

    This mod adds multiple NPCs that sell some pretty useful stuff.
    I made this mod because I'm lazy. These NPCs aren't very original and are probably already in some mod somewhere. However, lets say you want X NPC but it's in X mod but you don't want the other content in it. That's why this mod exists.

    - Sells bars and gems
    -spawns after Eye of Cthulhu

    Expert Fisherman
    - Sells bait (including truffle worm), normal fish, and quest fish
    -spawns after having an angler

    - Sells souls and various monster drops
    -spawns after Eye of Cthulhu

    - Sells plants, seeds, and critters
    -spawns after Queen Bee

    Location: C:\Users\NAME\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs\HelpfulNPCConfig

    There are 4 options:
    MinerCanSpawn (Defaults to True)
    FishermanCanSpawn (Defaults to True)
    HunterCanSpawn (Defaults to True)
    EnvironmentalistCanSpawn (Defaults to True)
    These allow you to enable/disable the spawning of certain NPCs.

    - Better Sprites

    Join my Discord Server: Join the Caseratis Discord Server!

    Got any helpful NPC ideas or want something changed? Tell me and I might do it.​
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  2. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Whoa, I reserved a spot.
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  3. That moment when you see Caseratis has a new mod, you click it immediately and gaze in awe. Seriously man, you make so many helpful mods! Good luck with this one too!
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  4. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    This looks like a great mod, but one question:
    What is this oh so mysterious 'space' boss? :)
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  5. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Thanks man, it's kinda funny that me not wanting to work is why I make new mods. I'd rather make a new mod rather than work on existing ones XD. I already have a plan for my next mod.

    I knew someone would call me out on it. When I made the post I forgot what boss I had it as so I'll update the post tomorrow when I can get on my computer. I'm pretty sure it is the Golem though.
  6. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    I released the mod so go download it and never have to mine or fish or farm again.
  7. SDOAJ

    SDOAJ Terrarian

    I noticed the fisherman sells the Guide Voodoo Doll [​IMG] instead of the Guide Voodoo Fish [​IMG] (at least in the picture). Is this a bug?
  8. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Whoops, that was a mistake. I'll fix it.

    Edit: Fixed in newest update.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  9. Legionites

    Legionites Terrarian

    I don't see a HelpfulNPC thing in my mod configs. Is there a way to just force it in? I don't need the gardener unless he sold pumpkin.
  10. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Yeah, I kinda messed up to where the config won't generate. I think I'll make pumpkins be sold too.
  11. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    I think the quest fish should be a bit more, seems a bit OP to only have to spend 10 gold. I play with the Leveled mod, and it puts bosses at levels so that there're impossible to beat at lower levels, but later you can one-shot them and earn a ton of money. But who knows right?

    P.S I plan to download all your mods as-is anyways!:D
  12. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    I think autochests allows you to craft quest fish using bass and 15 gold coins but I like having it be 10 gold coins.
  13. ReusableLime20

    ReusableLime20 Slime Collector

    Ok, it's your mod, so no problem really. I was just saying that, again, with the Leveled mod I can pretty much kill the EoC in 1-5 hits. And true, he only drops 3 gold, but if I kill 20 in one night, that's 60 gold. However my main reasoning is that the angler sometimes gives you money as a reward, and it goes all the way up to 10 gold.
  14. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    The Angler was changed to always give money in some update. To be honest, that seems like a fair trade: Paying/Recieving no money for not having to fish.
  15. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    New version released
    - Miner sells stone blocks
    - Gardener renamed to Botanist
    - Botanist sells pumpkins
  16. onikwuthkro

    onikwuthkro Terrarian

    The Botanist still arrives after I have set GardenerCanSpawn to false.
  17. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Okay I'll check that.
  18. Berk Beker

    Berk Beker Terrarian

    Npc's doesn't spawn?
  19. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    They work for me. Maybe give it more time?
  20. Berk Beker

    Berk Beker Terrarian

    A lot of npc's arrived not these Q_Q