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HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

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Hi hero, i'm a latin american fan of your videos, thought i understand you just a little, i can enjoy your videos and tutorials!


Thanks for all the great content so far. When i started Terraria watching your videos helped a lot in my endeavors. Keep up the great work HERO


Hi hero I love your videos! By the way you're basically the only reason I beat some of the late game bosses. Thank you so much for your tutorial videos and I can't wait to see what you will do in the future.


Hello hero
Hi Sir Slendy
Hey HERO! love your videos, got alot of useful info from you when i didn't know anything about the new terraria updates especially the 1.2 update jeez the contet on that one. but anyways i hope you'll continiue releasing terraria stuff and also some new stuff! censeirly your true fan absalon :D
Thanks Absalon!
Hey Hero, you suck. LOL JK. You're awesome. Keep up the good work! :)
kk, I will thanks for supporting the new forum.
Hey HERO! You are my Terraria hero ;)
Hey Hero,
Well I used to play a ton of Terreria with my friends and when the break happened was when we stopped. I've been back every once in a while but still love the game when we play. Keep up your good work.

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