tModLoader HERO's Mod - Terraria Creative Mode + Server Management + And Over 25 tools

Discussion in 'Released' started by HERO, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Treasure367

    Treasure367 Terrarian

    it doesn't work id like a version that i can get of the website because my mod browser does not work.
  2. Treasure367

    Treasure367 Terrarian

    everytime i try and load a world any world with any character the game crashes in an instant, im playing on a mac laptop witch might be the fault for it. i this can be fixed id really enjoy that.
  3. DarkoOfTheVoid

    DarkoOfTheVoid Terrarian

    how do i disable certain functions like the inventory editor? i have been trying to find out but i just cant find a way and i just want time controls, waypoints, npc spawner and miscellaneous enabled
  4. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    You manage that with the permission groups in Multiplayer. If you mean single player, you can't.
  5. awdgggo

    awdgggo Terrarian

    How do you block items?
  6. Sanslon

    Sanslon Terrarian

    Hi can I have an older version of the mod I'm using terraria version and tmodloader version is it possible that I get a version of this mod that works on such versions?

    Please Reply
  7. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Don't think that is possible

    Unless this works, no: