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tModLoader HERO's Mod - Terraria Creative Mode + Server Management + And Over 25 tools

Discussion in 'Released' started by HERO, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Well they are compatible, I'm using them together just fine.
  2. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    Does this mod have a freecam mode?
  3. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Plantera

    I think not, but that's a good suggestion. It might already be with the mod, but IDK because I haven't spent must time with it.
  4. JereTheJuggler

    JereTheJuggler Terrarian

    I've been loking for a mod with freecam feverishly because it's 100% necessary for capturing a gif of something I've created.
  5. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    No, I needed to add a hook to tmodloader and couldn't get it working. It's a high priority, but no tmodloader mods can do it yet.
  6. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Plantera

    I dont know if there is such a mod, but you might be able to find one if your truely dedicated. My suggestion is go here, and make a thread to either request a free camera mod is made, or request a link to a mod with free camera.
  7. I don't know if someone said this already but, there is a bug. When you pause the time, you can't move the item browser up or down with the mouse wheel. It is a bit annoying.
  8. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    I'm surprised this mod doesn't have a recipe search yet.
  9. HERO

    HERO Terrarian

    If you are having trouble with the download link I have added an alternative mediafire download link to the main post.
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  10. Daria_O

    Daria_O Plantera

    I wish that mod could work with normal servers :<

    Still good for building though. But can you please add buff "wet" to buff window? I want my fishron mount to be quick c:
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
  11. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Good idea. While technically a debuff, it is useful, so I've added it.

    Update Released:

    • Item Browser
      • Shift click -> Instant Full Stack to inventory
      • Right click -> Grab 1 item at a time
      • Category for Mod Items, with subcategories for each Loaded Mod.
      • Fixed duplicate items in list.
    • Wet buff added to Buff menu
  12. venomterraria

    venomterraria Terrarian

  13. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    I noticed this and released a few minutes after, do you still have
  14. venomterraria

    venomterraria Terrarian

    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
  15. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    I bet if you quit out of Terraria and tried again, it would work. Even though you updated, the old tmod is still the loaded mod, so when you reload, since the old one had the problem, you'd still get the problem at least once. If not, let me know your exact steps and I'll see if I can reproduce the error.
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  16. venomterraria

    venomterraria Terrarian

    Reloaded tMod and I still crash. I've also tried getting rid of HERO's mod from the folder and reinstall it.

    What I'm doing is:
    1. Open the game
    2. Go to mods
    3. Activate all
    4. Game crashes almost instantly


    If I

    1. Go to mod sources
    2. Build + Reload my mod
    3. Everything works
    4. HERO's mod is outdated.
  17. Radiational

    Radiational Terrarian

  18. Spore2000

    Spore2000 Terrarian

    i like this mod but i keep crashing from it now i dont know why ;o;
  19. Melly

    Melly Terrarian

    I cant update it to, even if im reloading, it stays on
  20. venomterraria

    venomterraria Terrarian

    They're trying to fix this. I have this problem aswell