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Im doing a cosplay, and I copied some of the Hex Codes from the characters over to character creation, but the colors don't match at all. Is there a way to fix it, or do I need to manually do it.
In Terraria, the hex codes you copy from character customization may not always produce the exact color you expect due to differences in lighting and rendering between the character creation screen and the in-game world. To get the colors as close as possible to your reference, you might need to adjust them manually... Here's some tips:

  1. Manual adjustment: In the character creation screen, you can fine-tune the colors by using the sliders and the color wheel. Manually adjusting the RGB values can help you get a closer match to your cosplay reference.
  2. Lighting conditions: Keep in mind that the lighting conditions in the game world can affect how colors appear. Try to preview your character's appearance in different environments to see how the colors look under various lighting conditions.
  3. Compare with reference: If you have a reference image of your cosplay character, use it as a guide to adjust the colors in the character creation screen. This will help you match the colors as closely as possible.
  4. Use in-game dyes: Terraria offers a variety of dyes that can be applied to your character's clothing and accessories. These dyes can alter the appearance of your character's items and may help you achieve the desired colors. Experiment with different dyes to get the right look.
  5. External tools: If you're really struggling to match the colors, you can use external image editing software to sample the colors from your cosplay reference and manually adjust the character's appearance in the game. This may require some artistic skill and can be time-consuming.

    Hopefully this helped.
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