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PC HGN Terraria RP Server


Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. The HGN Terraria RP Server is a wonderful small server, and I'm hoping that more players will be interested in it from this post and give it a try. We have a very friendly, small community and a casual RP experience to offer. Below is some important information regarding characters, lore, rules, expectations, ect. Please read it all before joining the IP located at the bottom of the post, as it is information that will be important to you should you decide to join our community.

Please not that I am not the owner, only the community manager. If you wish to contact the owner you may do so through steam at Steam Community :: JoJo, the Cantankerous Cavalier Otherwise if you wish to contact me, you can put anything you want to say in the comments as I will be actively reading them.

One more important thing is that our server is being hosted by HyperGaming Network. It is advised you also go there for info as it will contain a few more things than this post will. All character profiles/bios must go there, not here. The comment section for this is only for questions/comments about the server or this post. Again, anything related to character profiles/bios will be disregarded and must go on our section of the HyperGaming Network forum. If this is not possible a moderator may be contacted (including myself).

Link to our section of HGN: Terraria Role Play - Home - Index

As a casual server, we are usually laid back and flexible, but there are some things that need to be followed for the best experience.

-Please no excessive swearing. Swearing IS allowed here, but must be kept in moderation.

-Please be nice to all players. Spam, rude and hurtful language, sexist/racist language, or offensive slurs are unacceptable on this server.

-NSFW (not safe for work) content is forbidden.

-Speak inside parenthesis () while talking out of character (OOC).

-No godmoding or metagaming. While in character (IC) your "knowledge" is restricted to what your character would know.

-Building is restricted at the start, but if given permission you may not break anything already built at all, and you need permission before building your own things.

-No going to the underworld, ever. Starting a fight with the WoF whether you win or lose will have consequences as well.

-Breaking shadow orbs or manually starting a boss fight without approval is forbidden.

-Do not steal from chests unless allowed to do so. You can still steal from a chest IC if that opportunity ever comes, but you must ask.

-No repeatedly asking for items, build permissions, moderator permissions, ect.

-Debating with a moderator is only acceptable until a certain point. If a mod says no, you must listen to them.

Now that the rules are out of the way, here comes the fun part.

As of writing this, little progression has been made with the current story (we recently went through a full map/story change), so we currently are not far in to the story so if you are reading this near the time that this is posted, this will help you a little bit with understanding current events. If you are not reading this close to the time I posted, this information is still valuable to new characters.

Currently the land consists of 4 towns;

Rehul: The town floating on top of clouds and the capitol of the region
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 4.13.33 PM.png

Iygrove: This town thrives in the middle of the desert thanks to the soul well located in the center
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 4.15.22 PM.png

Mera: A very festive town where theres always celebration and parties
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 4.15.06 PM.png

Rem Delaar: Travelling boat town that has docked back at it's home.
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 4.12.16 PM.png

These lands make up the land of Zenmaer, in the world of Caphori.

...There is another important area though, east of everything else. A tall, dark plateau rumored to be the home of an evil cult. Nobody knows who is in it, or what their goals are. All that is known is that they should be feared. Many of our heroes have been recruited to find more information about this invisible organization, and put a stop to whatever their plans are.

For this server we use the command /roll, which by default rolls any number between 0-100. Combat is also turn based, so you can only attack on your turn. When it is your turn to attack you do /roll and so does your target. If you roll higher than your target you win the roll and attack them. If your target rolls higher they dodge/guard and do not take damage. If you roll 50 or more above your target's roll, you do a critical hit. If you roll a 100 it is an automatic critical hit. If you tie you both roll again. When it is your target's turn to roll, if they target you, you must roll higher than their roll to dodge/guard their hit. If you roll a 0 they automatically crit you. If you roll 50 or more higher than your opponent you counter their attack. This means that instead of them hitting you, you hit them. Counters cannot crit. If you roll a 100 you automatically crit them. If you tie you roll again. Essentially, just hope you can roll higher than them to attack.

As for health there is not currently a defined system. You just attack your opponent until it is deemed they wouldn't be able to fight any longer, and vice versa for yourself. We ask that you please be somewhat realistic and don't push your character's boundaries for the sake of being the strongest.

There are other rolls that aren't tied to combat (but might be used in combat) that your character can perform. If something is hiding, you can do a search roll to find them. As long as you roll higher than the target you can find them. Otherwise they stay hidden. Listening rolls allows one to listen in to things that would be hard to hear, like whispering conversations. You must roll higher than your target to hear them, otherwise you do not hear anything. Sneak/hide rolls let you hide from something as long as you roll higher than what you are hiding from. If you're hiding from multiple people they all get a chance to roll against you. The last two types are sensing rolls and thievery rolls. For the first one you need to roll a certain amount or higher to sense traps/dangers. For the thievery rolls, if you roll higher than your target you can steal from them.

Lastly, some special abilities allow multiple rolls to be conducted, or special types of rolls. These are limited to their specific abilities or circumstances.

Players are granted a wide range of races and classes to choose from. Most races and classes have a unique trait that sets them apart, like different abilities. Some races also have certain vanity items that are required, but can be customized as the player wishes. A few of the races are also restricted, needing moderator approval first, because of them being naturally stronger than some of the others. This does not mean that you have no chance at making a character with one of these races, but we can only allow a certain amount of them.

Races include:














Half-races also exist, most commonly half human and half something else.
Please note that some race combinations may be denied by moderators.

Please check out this page for more information about the races and what makes them special: CHARACTER RACES - In-Character - Terraria Role Play


We have a list of unique classes that your character can have. There are also half-classes that mix the specialties of both chosen classes. Here is the list of classes you can choose from:


Please check out this page for more information on the classes. Keep in mind that the HP stats are outdated. CHARACTER CLASSES - In-Character - Terraria Role Play

On this server we have a system that allows a character to attain "Legacy Status". When you get a certain amount of points towards this, you will be allowed to take a trial to ascend your class. Ascended classes are buffed, stronger versions with more benefits. They also get access to a 6th skill slot (mentioned below) and the chance to make their own custom skill. Hybrid classes are still able to get legacy status and a signature skill, but their bonuses are reduced due to having two classes to use instead of one. For the full legacy benefits you must be a single class. If you want to know more about the different classes and abilities go to CHARACTER CLASSES - In-Character - Terraria Role Play


These are special attacks with bonuses and benefits that can be utilized by certain classes. Each character starts with 5 slots for these. you can find the whole list of skills here: CHARACTER SKILLS + SYNCHRONIZED SKILLS - In-Character - Terraria Role Play (too long to post in here). If you feel that your character should be able to use a skill outside of the class/classes being used, contact a moderator and exceptions may be made.


Character Sheets Template **Read Me before posting!** - In-Character - Terraria Role Play this is a link to a character template. If you want to know a good way to construct a character profile/bio, check it out. Character profiles/bios are also required to have before a character is allowed to use a skill. Again if there is any trouble with the process of setting up a HGN account and making a post yourself, contact a moderator and solutions might be offered.

Again, this is the link to our main page where you can find everything else. Terraria Role Play - Home - Index

Zenmaer Prologue: New Beginnings (Ordeal) - Events & Storyline - Terraria Role Play This is a link to more info on the current lore and story. Please check it out!

One last bit, being a casual server we usually only hold sessions when at least 4 people are present. We only hold story important sessions when the majority of people are on the server though, so do not worry about missing out. If you have concerns about scheduling and availability please talk to me or the owner, we’re pretty flexible with schedules.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to see you on our server! -Thir13en

If nobody is online when you join, please contact the owner or I so we know you're joining.
Server IP:
Port: 7897
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