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Hi, I'm New


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I said so in the rap above. I said that you would get pissed.
You really should look to see what I said, that's something that you missed.
Who says I missed it? I saw what you said. But you were still doing the same thing while saying that, weren't you? Also, you aren't the only person doing so in this thread.


Official Terrarian
TCF this place we call
A place so great that I doubt
It'll ever fall
Sorry if that sounded a little flat
But I'll introduce myself
Poetry Lord @Qui Devorat
But I'm not the only one here
For many others are also near
For one there's pirate @Pixel
"Arrr, me matey"
As on his boat he stands tall
And here comes @Milt69466
Who we all know
Is full of dansen tricks
Aside from making crooks wish
That they were in the slammer
Cos he'll send them there
With his trusty warhammer.
And from the lab
There's Dr @darthmorf
Trying to make a formula
That will allow him to morph
Into any creature he wishes
Like an anteater
To "clean the dishes"
Or an owl
To watch the facility making sure
nothing goes foul.
And there's also @Baconfry
But watch him cooking bacon
And he'll call you a spy
For his bacon tastes the best
Might be a secret recipe
That might explain his cooking zest.
But I hope you have many good times
This has been Qui Devorat, buster of rhymes.
Cole: "Oh, right, so I'm not included? I'm not even mentioned?!"


"...I guess you guys just all think I'm undeservin' - an irritation, even - and that this new guy's just better off without knowing me!"

"I see how it is!"

All jokes aside, a warm welcome to the forums, buddy! Hopin' you'll find what interests you, heh.
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