Items Hockey Puck 🏒

I made a fancy hockey rink and I was going to use golf equipment to play hockey... but then I discovered no two players can hit the same golf ball.

Solution? Hockey pucks! They would essentially be a special variant of golf ball that any player can hit! Because it's a hockey puck, it would have decreased vertical acceleration, and there would only be one color; black. There could also be a hockey stick to go with the puck; golf clubs would work, but a hockey stick makes more sense.

Let me know what you think! :happy:
a way to launch golf balls upwards after they've been hit and we'd be golden
Slightly more than than, I'm afraid.
Still, some reusable means for ball launching, the ball itself (although Beach Ball is enough already) and an option to give Pink Blocks 100% bounce vs ball-like projectiles would be a nice start.
But I should probably stop grieving over Pinball FX franchise corpse and start refining a full-fledged feature request or something, rather than hijacking this thread :(
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