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Wavebank Hollow Knight OST Wavebank

Divine Axiom


"Hollow Knight" and all of its rights belong to Team Cherry, I do not own or claim to own any of its assets.
You can buy the game here.
The soundtrack presented in this wavebank is also created by Christopher Larkin, and can be purchased here or on the steam purchase page for Hollow Knight.

Working as of Terraria version

Hollow Knight is my personal game of the year, and I fell in love with the soundtrack. After toying around with it a bit, I've turned the OST into a wavebank for my own personal use and thought some of you may enjoy it as well.

Terraria has 41 tracks in its wavebank, however Hollow Knight only has 26. Because of this, some tracks are used multiple times. I have tried my best to retain variety in the music, but some tracks do overlap.

Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ncq5thdodtu5lgs/Hollow Knight Wavebank.7z?dl=0

Wavebanks are very simple to install, just follow these instructions.

1.Download the zipped wavebank through the link above and extract anywhere

2.Navigate to your terraria installation folder (If you have terraria installed through steam it will probably be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria)

3.Open the folder named "Content"

4.Backup your vanilla wavebank by renaming it ( e.x. "Wave Bank" > "Wave Bank_" )

5.Move the downloaded wavebank to the "Content" folder

To restore the original music, simply delete the new wavebank and rename the original bank to "Wave Bank".

You can listen to the tracks here
  • 1: Night > Crossroads
    2: Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) > Dream
    3: Overworld Day > Reflection
    4: Boss 1 (King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron // Skeletron Prime, Duke Fishron) > Hornet
    5: Title Screen > Main Theme
    6: Jungle > Greenpath
    7: Corruption > Nosk
    8: Hallow > The White Lady
    9: Underground Corruption > Nosk
    10: Underground Hallow > White Palace
    11: Boss 2 (Wall of Flesh // The Twins) > Mantis Lords
    12: Underground > City of Tears
    13: Boss 3 (Brain of Cthulhu // The Destroyer, Frost Legion) > False Knight
    14: Snow > Resting Grounds
    15: Space > Crystal Peak
    16: Crimson > Nosk
    17: Boss 4 (Golem) > Decisive Battle
    18: Overworld Day [alternate] > Dirtmouth
    19: Rain > Queen's Gardens
    20: Ice > Resting Grounds
    21: Desert > Kingdom's Edge
    22: Ocean > Fungal Wastes
    23: Dungeon > Soul Sanctum
    24: Plantera > Sealed Vessel
    25: Boss 5 (Queen Bee) > Decisive Battle
    26: Temple > Soul Sanctum
    27: Solar Eclipse > Dream Battle
    28: [rain SFX]
    29: Mushroom > Greenpath
    30: Pumpkin Moon > Nosk
    31: Underground [alternate] > Main Theme
    32: Frost Moon > Broken Vessel
    33: Underground Crimson > Nosk
    34: Lunar Event > Mantis Lords
    35: Pirate Invasion > Dream Battle
    36: Hell > Kingdom's Edge
    37: Martian Madness > Dung Defender
    38: Final Boss (Moon Lord) > Radiance
    39: Goblin Event > Dung Defender
    40: Sandstorm > Dream
    41: Old One's Army > Dream Battle


I do like this a lot, but it feels that the main theme should really be used for the title screen only. I know you've said there weren't enough and some had to overlap, but I just feel like it would work a lot more if them main theme was used only for the title screen.
Perhaps the alternate underground theme can be Crossroads.
I also feel like the Abyss ambience would fit better for hell, with overworld day being kingdom's edge and overworld night being dirtmouth.
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