Hook Mechanic Ideas


First idea would be that some of the more advanced grappling-hooks with multiple hooks could have auto-swing that would work somewhat like this:
While [Player] is holding [Grapple Button] AND [Hook.latched] = false do
Do nothing

My second idea is a special mechanic that some grappling hooks could have that allows the player to have a swinging effect where the player would be dangling towards(wherever their gravity is going[towards space or towards hell]) and upon hitting left or right they would start swinging left or right and with enough momentum they could go in a full circle or launch themselves up high via unlatching the hook. Yes I do in fact know about the gravity hook from the martian invasion event but its not the effect that I want as I want it to be like if you were on a swing.


It just doesn't fit Terraria, the swinging part. It will probably be in Otherworld doe, wait and see...
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