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Does this look horribly good?

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so when I get the time I am going to make worse versions of the bosses, and by worse i mean, probably a bunch of scribbles that are supposed to look like them
note I'll add photos once I actually make the texture pack(when I can, i was just making this so i don't forget to do this) work in progress
note that some of them may be displaced because i can't put them in the right position, and because of i,t it makes it more beautiful.
Capture 2020-11-16 13_10_57.png
Capture 2020-11-16 13_11_52.png

wall of flesh(WIP)
Capture 2020-11-16 13_15_20.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_48_27.png

eye of Cthulhu
Capture 2020-11-16 13_45_34.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_46_24.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_49_13.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_49_42.png

lunar pilars
Capture 2020-11-16 13_51_21.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_53_48.png

Capture 2020-11-16 13_57_22.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_00_31.png

King slime
Capture 2020-11-23 09_09_39.png

Capture 2020-11-23 09_09_54.png

Capture 2020-11-23 09_10_01.png

slimey saddle
Capture 2020-11-23 09_11_13.png

skeletron prime
Capture 2020-12-19 11_09_27.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_09_44.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_11_21.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_11_42.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_11_57.png

Capture 2020-12-20 09_12_22.png

skely boi gaurdian pet(bone key)
Capture 2020-12-22 10_05_27.png
which one is your favorite? mine is the amazing skeletron lol. solar pilar is fixed, note due to my lazy ess of changing photos I made some changes with the lunar pillars, but ain’t taking another photo lol.


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ok because i honestly don't want to finish it, here is the download(on first reply) so yeah note skeletron prime has its bone horriblefied... so yeah
i'm actually going to try to update it a little this christmas break, here is skely boi prime!
does anyone think i should make a pack where skely boi and skely boi prime are the only bosses changed?
I COULD do better it’s just I making them horrible on purpose and plus... in a little less dedicated to my time lately(maybe when I have nothing to do when I’m on my own)
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