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Did you like the alliteration for the name? Haha, anyway, welcome to my so-so sprite page! Here you can see loads of sprites (If you suggest loads of sprites for me to do lol) That will be posted whether they are good or bad! Now just to clear this up, I don't think that I am a "Piss-Poor" spriter. I think of myself as an okay spriter, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to use one of my sprites, you must ask first because some of them will be used in one of the two mods that I am working on. So yeah, now that that is all cleared up, we can get onto the good stuff!

My Sprites! (Because for some reason spoiler buttons never work for me)


Nothing yet ;-;


Nothing again ;-;


Nothing again ;-;


CorruptorOfGalaxies.png Restricted for use in The Omega Mod!


Tree.pngTree! Bush.png Bush!GalacticFang.png CursedFang.png Galactic Fang and Cursed Fang! (Restricted for use in The Omega Mod)

Come on! I need some suggestions! Feel free to suggest anything you want! I'm kinda bad at making animals/bosses and stuff like that so unless you want to see a bad sprite, don't suggest stuff like that! (I'll still try to do it if you do suggest it though :p). Also, you can obviously suggest things that I could do to make any sprites better :)

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make a gun. surprise me
I'll try... although I am horrible at making guns. I'll just have to use a reference sheet. I'll probably either have it out by tomorrow or sometime on the weekend since we don't have school tomorrow and I'm only allowed on my pc on the weekends :p
Here's the gun and reference pic! I named it "ME-6". ME-6 stands for "Mass Eliminator" and "6" means it has destroyed 6 galaxies. :)
ME-6.png ME-6 Reference Pic.png
Yeah. I kinda expected the sprite to be bad as I am normally pretty bad at spriting guns lol. It's probably the best gun I've ever done though, which is kinda sad xD
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