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PC Hours played?


Hello all!!

I was just reading some of the posts and I thought to myself "Hey! Why not ask about everyone's total play time. Good idea Rin! Let's do that!" So here I am! (Yes, I do talk to myself in the third person) :p

What kind of player are you? Grinder/builder/explorer/other?
What's the total amount of time played in Terraria?

(Rather large question incoming!) Tell us about your favorite moment Terraria if you can narrow it down to one.

My answers to the questions are: I'm a builder/explorer and I have around 2000 hours playing. (rounding up) I think my most memorial times in game is when I build something that really surprises me.

Have a great day!

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Skeletron Prime
I've played for nearly 4 years now.
And through all the time, I didn't buy Terraria.
Now I've got 100 hours in the game.

Juno Brier

Eye of Cthulhu
Steam says I got 700+ hours.
I've been playing since just before 1.0.6 though.
Meaning, that's about 4 years.

I could've had more hours, but my Team Fortress 2 playtime just so happens to be at 5463 hours at the moment...


I only have about 300 on steam, but last year I didn't have internet (but I had Terraria) so that time I played offline wasn't recorded. I would estimate about 450 Total on PC, and maybe 120 on Xbox 360.


Official Terrarian
~500 in Steam, with many, many more on iOS. I would estimate 700 total hours, but sadly iOS doesn't keep track of playtime so I don't know for sure :sigh:


I have 1372 hours of Terraria. At least 500 of that came from a time before wall of flesh was implemented. I play the game in bursts, akin to when you play Skyrim. I play until all the bosses are beaten. Then I get rather bored and don;t have the willpower to start another run, so I usually find another game to play until Terraria seems interesting again.


Official Terrarian
I bought the game the day it released on Steam and have been playing it off/on (usually when new updates come out). I currently have 1679 Hours played. I also got my friend into Terraria and we do multiplayer playthroughs together. He has 747 hours logged.


I have about 8 days of game time, but just 215 regular hours But that's still a lot as I've been playing since form May of 2017. So I've pretty much no-lifed this game for the past 2 months lol.


Been playing since launch, well my earliest screen shot is 21 May, 2011...
347 Hours on Steam
143 Hours on 3DS


Skeletron Prime
I like to explore the most, but that gets boring after awile.
I try to build, but...it doesn't work our most of the time...
Wiring is mostly straightforward, but I don't use it practically.

So I guess I'm a bit of everything?

1374 hours on PC
Around 2 on console
Around 4-6 on mobile
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