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PC Hours played?

Green Rango

Skeletron Prime
216 hours on steam, and an estimated 250~ish on Xbox 360.

Started playing Terraria near release on Xbox 360.

With 466 hours on the game, I can still safely say I'm garbage.


I have 700+ hours into Terraria. Most of that time is spent grinding or building. I usually tend to put a lot of time into games I really love playing so I'm not too surprised that I put so much time in into Terraria.


3257 hours since 1.2, although I've stopped playing since I finished Expert Mode in January.
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Robo ♥

I got Terraria about 10 days ago, according to my steam receipt, and I already have (rounding up) about 100 hours on the game. :dryadhappy:
I usually like to build things like artificial biomes, and one of my favorite moments was killing Moon Lord for the first time. It just felt so satisfying to watch him explode into light, I don't know why.

Orion The Boundary Ryu

Skeletron Prime
For me, I started on console for a few years, then mobile, and now pc.

I wanna say around 7000-8000 hours of playtime total from the very start of me buying Terraria to today.
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While i'm not sure about my total hours, because i don't know how to check my times on xbox/Xbox one, I do know that I have 1073 hours in PC.


Duke Fishron
651 on my current account 410 on my old account

on my old account i played from august 2011 - december 2011 so if i did the math correctly i spent 14% of all of my time on terraria for those 4 months

Lin Rin

Skeletron Prime
I pretty much lived on the Terraria PVP server 2DFortz between the beginning of 2012 and end of 2013, logging at least 2500 hours. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if only I had the time >_>
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