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PC Housing turns invalid randomly when second house is built 1.4.2


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Sometimes when I build🔨 a new house to move in a new NPC the one that my guide:indifferent: lives in suddenly turns invalid🚫 and it doesn't even say what's wrong with it when you press on it with the question mark❔ it only says housing🏠 is invalid🚫 so you have to rebuild the whole thing so its pretty annoying:mad: sometimes and it would be cool:islime: if you could fix🔧 it.


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Definitely in agreement here, there's no way to predict the issue or fix a potential bug without an idea of what the housing setup looks like.


Same thing is happening with mine, here's a pic `😢


  • Screenshot_20210430-184503.png
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Brain of Cthulhu
Same thing is happening with mine, here's a pic `😢
Welcome to the forums ClumsyCat!

Assuming you are referring to the houses above your player character, the issue with those houses is that there is no solid block for NPCs to stand on. There needs to be at least one solid (non-platform) block with no furniture placed on it.
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