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How About Dual Wielding?

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Dungeon Spirit
How about adding dual wielding into otherworld? It would be a great mechanic to add more weapon loadout variety.
It could function like Yoraiz0r's Dual Wielding mod where each hotbar slot could hold an "image" of another item in the offhand. Or maybe the offhand slots would actually hold the item.
Also like Yoraiz0r's dual wielding mod, while dual wielding pistols the offhand gun would search for ammo in an upside-down order allowing you to use two different kinds of bullets for your guns.

Certain items like spears, greatswords, bows, rifles, and staves would be unable to dual wielded with but do more damage, of course.
Some of these items (probably mostly staves) could also have alternate attacks with right click since there wouldn't be an item in the offhand.
Maybe the player would be unable to use offhand or two handed weapons while grappling. It would makes sense but would also be annoying.

Shields would be a "weapon" type rather than an accessory. Using them would bash an enemy and holding it down would block attacks.
Shields would have a damage threshold to attacks where an attack that does more damage than the shield's threshold would break the player's block and knock the player back and maybe even stagger them for a short moment.
Alternatively, shields could have a knockback threshold rather than a damage one.
Maybe the attack would still deal reduced damage even after breaking the block or not.
Maybe instead of the threshold being for a single attack, it could be a recharging meter so that fast attacks would still be able to break blocks.

Shield bashing would deal much less damage than other melee weapons of the same tier but deal more knockback.
Some shields would be spiked and deal more damage and also damage enemies while blocking (for less than bashing) but have lower damage/knockback thresholds.
Some shields would be larger allowing more area to make it easier to block and would deal more knockback while bashing.
Dual wielding shields would give you more area covered with blocking and the two shields' thresholds would be added together while both are blocking.

Funny how most of this page has been about shield mechanics rather than dual wielding as a whole. Oh well.
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