PC How can I outrun WOF at low health in Expert Mode?


I am playing Expert Mode for the third time (first time: I didn't defeat any bosses; second time: only EOC and King Slime are defeated) in Journeys End and I just defeated Skeletron. However, I've seen Expert Mode Wall of Flesh fights before, and the Wall of Flesh goes very fast at low health. What can I do to get away from Wall of Flesh at that speed? As well as that, I want to be able to jump well to dodge well and stick to a Melee build with minions allowed. I'd like to do mainly ranged attacks as well. Anybody know how to go faster than 41mph?

"At extremely low health levels, [the Wall of Flesh] can reach up to 41 mph (as compared to the Hermes Boots at only 30 mph, Lightning Boots at 34, and the Bunny Mount at 39)." -- Terraria Wiki

Range is relative to half the height of a fullscreen 1080p screen.

- Ruthless Flamarang (44 damage / 15 crit / Very strong knockback / 100% range)
- Godly Sunfury (86 damage / 27 crit / Very strong knockback / 67% range)
- Dangerous Murumasa (31 damage / 17 crit / Very weak knockback / Short range)
- Strong Valor (25 damage / 15 crit / Average knockback / 50% range) (Might replace with a Cascade)

Armour & Accessories
- Molten Armour
- Quick Lightning Boots
- Warding Fledgling Wings
- Quick Shield of Cthulhu
- Lucky Stinger Necklace
- Warding Feral Claws (Might replace with an obsidian shield, but I'd have to sacrifice range for knockback resistance and defense)
Total: +35 defense, +8% movement speed, +11% crit chance, +17% damage, +19% melee speed, +5 armour penetration

Mount: None


- Exquisitely Stuffed
- Ironskin
- Inferno
- Swiftness
- Heartreach
- Water Walking
- Sharpened
- Bewitched
- Campfire
- (Probably) Heart Lantern

Running speed: 34mph (With dash: 41mph max)
Vertical speed: 38mph
Normally when the wall gets fast enough to out speed you in expert it is a couple seconds away from dying. A dash and boots should work fine to stay away until then. Going faster doesn't matter.
Another option is to have a fast mount such as a horse mount that goes faster than the lightning boots. They can be gotten from the Zoologist after your Bestiary completion has reached a certain percentage.
Yeah, it's almost impossible to really outrun it? It's usually a few seconds there at the end when it's moving with the speed of the shinkansen. Either the wall of the player will the next moment... in that regards, melee class at least has the advantage of actually having the most defense (while it not matters much in expert, it do matters a bit) and the fact that melee has, well, strong melee weapons. So, I suppose at few last seconds, a Night's Edge with feral claws into the face of the wall can be a good bet? Or anything similarly powerful.

Otherwise, things like sunfury might be a good choice for melee, it can turn the hungries into minced meat fast, but... it rather lacks range to hit the wall as long as its far... And boomerangs leave you unarmed until it returns, I'm not quite sure what's the best weapon for the first half of the battle with pure melee...

If you have frog leg (or any of its derivates), it can increase your mobility a real lot by the way. But I'm not quite sure what item to replace there. Though you could replace those boots with amphibian boots. And huh, water walk potion work on lava too, huh, I learned something new, huh XD
You also could add regen potion, and endurance potion to the mix too, and maybe luck - but that's a pain to get - (if you can farm garden gnomes though, putting a few somewhere along the battlefield, might can help a bit too.
Update: I've been practicing in Journey Mode and found out that with my current gear I wasn't good enough. I can't deal with the hungry too.
Update: I've been practicing in Journey Mode and found out that with my current gear I wasn't good enough. I can't deal with the hungry too.
Going Melee is honestly suicide for the Wall of Flesh; it either has to sacrifice range or DPS which is real aggravating. I recommend changing class as they have a much easier time with this fight. A few good weapons of the top of my head are Beenades, Hellwing Bow, Demon Scythe and Spinal Tap.
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