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How Did You Come Across Terraria?


Brain of Cthulhu
So guys, we obviously found Terraria somehow. Maybe our favorite youtuber began playing it. Maybe your friend told you about it. So, in this thread, I'm asking you to share about how you found Terraria, and why you keep on playing it.

I'll begin. So, you know how on the Minecraft title page there is a sentence in yellow? Well, one time it said "Also Try Terraria!" Surprisingly, after a while I bought it on my iPod, with only that reference. I figured it would be a sandbox game, which it is. Now, a little more than a year later, I'm still playing it, and it is by far my favorite game. Why? Because it has more action than Minecraft, but it still is a sandbox. I also love the randomness of it all.
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Official Terrarian
I discovered Terraria when my sister was watching StampyLongHead play Terraria. I thought the game looked fun, so I got it on PC for only $2.49!


An online friend of mine bought a 4-pack and gave me one of them. Claimed it was really fun, but I didn't buy it; I looked at the sprites, read a review, and didn't think it'd be my cup of tea.

Then Northernlion played it on his channel, which I was subbed to (he was the first YouTuber I subbed to for gaming content for his Super Meat Boy videos), and actually SEEING it in action got me interested. I then watched Red and Blue's LP of it and was amused. I played a little with the friend who bought it for me, back when beating Skeletron with a full team was considered a significant accomplishment, and decided it was a lot more fun than I initially expected. I started to play a lot more on my own, and then 1.1 came out, which prompted me to team up with one of my RL friends, which we recorded, and basically that sealed my obsession for good.

1,336 Steam hours and maybe an additional 20-something hours in tAPI later, and here I am.


My friend talked about it to me (It was in 1.1) I at first thought is was stupid. A year later, I was reminded of it and checked it out again (Still 1.1). Suddenly, it seemed amazing! I saved up and got it. I am now a lover of terraria. Sadly, i have stopped playing it since about summer because my computer is too slow to comprehend it, and there's not much to do. Once 1.3 come's out, I'm gonna be on a TERRARIA RAMPAGE!!!

Erienna Nakagai

Empress of Light
It came out on console and I was chatting with my cousin while he was playing it and I was building a huge Ender Dragon in Minecraft for YouTube. He said I should get it, and like all Minecraft fans, I said it was a ripoff. I then, when I was finished with the dragon, decided to download the trial version and have never regretted buying it after doing the trial version. Later last year (when console came out), I got the Steam version for my birthday, and even later last year, I heard that there was a mobile version, so I bought it for iOS as well.

Dire Sigma

Skeletron Prime
Well, one of my RL friends told me about terraria, and I was skeptical about it at first, he let me play it at his house and I was amused by it significantly. I couldn't buy it at the time because I was as poor as dirt (even though dirt is rich with nutrients <.<) but then I bought it the following year with my christmas money.


I found out about it like a few months after it was released. While I did want to try it out, I wasn't exactly able to buy it on steam because, well I didn't even know Steam/Valve exist at that time(Don't judge, I was only 11/12 at that time and actually had the common sense to not be one of the stereotypical online kids)
I played the game when I was at a friend's house and I really liked it. I got it a bit after 1.2 hit, but by that time I already had a separate character file from my friend's PC that I saved on my flash drive that I still use to this very day.


Back 4 or so years ago, when I first bought Minecraft, I saw a Paulsoaresjr tutorial for Minecraft.
I instantly subscribed, and saw he had a Terraria video.
I saw the Terraria video and was like: "Mommm! I want this game!"
A week or so later I got Terraria and almost instantly got bored of it.
Then, during the summer of this year, I got back into it, but my character was corrupted (literally)
Then, on of my IRL friends got the game, and I've beat the entire game with him.
I don't play it anymore, but will play for a bit when 1.3 comes out.


Staff member
I watched PaperbatVG's playthrough from before the game released, then I watched the videos Red made, and I knew I needed it.


My uncle plays lots and lots of different games, but he decided to show me Terraria one day. At first I figured it was a copy of Minecraft so I just forgot about it but it really wasn't much longer until I bought it when it went on sale, realized how wrong I was, and I became addicted.


I had played it pirated at version 1.0.2, played til I got molten armor, then a week after I bought the game, and I kept replaying several characters, then 1.1 happened, amount of characters downed and kept a main.
In total.. more then 20 characters deleted with most of their stuff in tact on some of my worlds, at exactly 750 hours of game time.

Yes, I admit, I pirated the game, but to prove I bought *points to the Trophy Certifiably Terrarian*, but after that, I actually stopped pirating altogether, but my brother got in trouble for it due to him still doing it and having ISP contact my father.


Staff member
One of my friends showed it to me, just after the hardmode update. I thought 'nah' a year or so later, my other friend bought it, and convinced me to get it. I have since recomended it to several friends.

Svea Rike

Skeletron Prime
Discovered it before release, via PaperbatVG's pre-release videos. Bought it as soon as it came out.


Pixel Pirate
Think I came across a playthrough on the Youtubes. When I finished the series I (downloaded Steam and) bought it. Three months later I first played it. Not sure why.
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