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How Did You Come Across Terraria?


my brother had somefriends that were using steam and shared it with him. he then found terraria, and looked deeper about it, and ended up playing it.
i then wanted to play it, and so i got it.¨
then i died of sadness.
my terraria wasnt working, so i couldnt install it properly. about 2 weeks later it came out on android so i got, thinking it would satisfy. it did for a while.
but after about 2 months after purchasing the PC version i got it to work. now its my favorite game


Think I mentioned over at TO.... but I first known through my cousin. He eventually bought the game, and I had to wait for a while. So I played the tutorial over, and over, and over til I was able to get it. That would be the 360 version of the game.

Later though I eventually bought the pc version since I really liked the game.

Note: I am easily entertained, hence me being able to play with the tutorial as much as I did... lol :)


Official Terrarian
My friend got it for me the day it was released on steam for my birthday. lol best birthday gift I ever got!


Friend: "here you can borrow my steam account to play assassins creed Brotherhood"
Me: "Cool thanks"
Me: *Goes home* "I can't play ACB because I need uplay password, crud"
Me: "Hey look whats this"
Me: *Installs terraria*
*Two days later*
Friend: Get the f*** off my account every time I try to play something you're on terraria

So I went and bought it for myself.

EDIT: Actually I bought the four pack and dragged several other friends with me.


Duke Fishron
was on psn, saw "terraria" and remembered hearing about it. Got the trial, thought it was fun, so I looked it up on youtube. I watched someone (forgot his name) beat all of the 1.1 bosses, and thought the game looked amazing. I decided to get it, and it is so much better than I thought, and is among my top 10 favorite games.
I started it because of element animation's terraria series. But minecraft is still better...

Nope [2]


I'm latin, so a year ago I was watching a latin YouTuber called DeiGamer when he uploaded a Terraria video, I thought the game was stupid and Minecraft was better. But a month later or so I started playing it and it was pretty fun, so here I am, recently won a contest and the prize was Terraria on Steam (I played Terraria for almost a year without boying it and I'm feeling really bad for doing so (really(not really:redspin:))) aaaaaaaaaand yeah... I LOVED IT:joy::joy:;)


Skeletron Prime
I found Terraria when my friend showed me this game, on first glance, Terraria looked amazing so I bought it.
After that I remember that I played the game for at least 300 hours, I’ve been Terraria for about a year now and it’s still amazing!


Eater of Worlds
My oldest brother got me into mobile a few years ago. Later he got a ps3 and we played it on that. Now we've moved to ps4.


Official Terrarian
I just finished watching the 500+ episode long playthrough of Terraria that Tobuscus did and then decided to buy it on Steam, simple as that.


The Destroyer
5 years ago,I had xbox gold,(still do) and terraria on xbox 360 was free,I played it for one or two years then kept on playing minecraft.4 years later I got a pc and Still played minecraft.
the pandemic came and I was bored and kept playing mc.
then I found child of light,and then i was done,and tried to find another game.
I tried lara croft but I was like eh,so one day I booted up my xbox 360 to find terraria on it.
I found out thta terraria was on pc and there was a steam sale,So i bought it on july 6 2020


My two friends were talking about on how they were trying to beat the Brain of Cthulhu(They actually meant the Wall Of Flesh) and I asked my mom for it, she said yes and here i am with my favorite game of all time with the most time of any game ever(Other than minecraft pocket edition) and stampy of course but i got it before i realized he did a playthrough and i was like "Oh Sweet hes playing this game i just got and now im happy"

Major Terraria Fan

Official Terrarian
I had Terraria on the Xbox 360 for nearly 6 years and never played it one day I was on my switch on youtube watching memes when a meme said "Terraria journeys end was soon to come out"i thought in my head that seen something similar but left it alone. Then one day when I was on punishment, my nice dad said I can't play on recent gen console but old gen was fine I was playing some games but when they got boring I decided to try Terraria and became addicted and I bought the Xbox one/switch addition of the game and love this game(I found out my dad bought this game for my older brothers when they were young.)[edit: I told this on different posts so u might get confused


So guys, we obviously found Terraria somehow. Maybe our favorite youtuber began playing it. Maybe your friend told you about it. So, in this thread, I'm asking you to share about how you found Terraria, and why you keep on playing it.

I'll begin. So, you know how on the Minecraft title page there is a sentence in yellow? Well, one time it said "Also Try Terraria!" Surprisingly, after a while I bought it on my iPod, with only that reference. I figured it would be a sandbox game, which it is. Now, a little more than a year later, I'm still playing it, and it is by far my favorite game. Why? Because it has more action than Minecraft, but it still is a sandbox. I also love the randomness of it all.
Simply by chance
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