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PS4 How to destroy the destroyer. (probably worst guide out there)



So, i just beaten the destroyer. and i'm gonna tell you how now.

A pirate invasion happened, and i got a cutlass.
The cutlass is very important in this guide. (You can also use a Night's Edge, but in my opinion the cutlass is better.)

Also, you need titanium armor.
Titanium is really hard to find (for me anyway), so good luck.

And go buy a shotgun from the arms dealer.
It will help, but not too much.

And i recommend the Harpy Wings, they're pretty good.

Step 1: Put on music to make you determined. (NO UNDERTALE REFERENCE INTENDED) (Also, i reccomend Black Mesa OST - Questionable Ethics 1)
Step 2: Summon the destroyer, duh.
Step 3: Dodge the lasers while shooting the Destroyer.
Step 4: DO NOT ignore the probes, they drop hearts which is really helpful.
Step 5: Keep swinging your Cutlass/Night's Edge at the destroyer until it dies.

There you go.


I remember you want to wedge yourself under the Destroyer and the ground and use the cutlass which is super quick against the segments and will knock the eye probes out like superfast.
The first time I beat the destroyer it was on Mobile and I used something like a Hardmode lance...It's still funny how they fit all that game update into mobile.:D


Or....you could use an adamantite’titanium repeater with at least 400 piercing arrows and some source of wings.(This can help when the head comes by.) Remember to shoot down as many probes as you can while still doing significant damage to the Destroyer itself. Dodge the head at all costs! The head does approximately 200 DPS(according to wiki). And try shooting it vertically with arrows. If you’re playing on PS4, I think you can use the Dadelus Stormbow combined with 200-300 arrows. That will murder it in seconds.
[doublepost=1516504175,1516504103][/doublepost]Also use either Adamantite or Titanium armor.(use your class headgear). I wouldn’t advise mythril or orialchum armor, but if you’re a daredevil, go ahead.


What I did was I made a Key of Light and got a Strombow, then I beat the Twins ( the easiest mechanical boss ) to get the Hallowed bars. Use the Hallowed bars to make armour, since it is an extreme upgrade from any early-hardmode ores. Use the Stormbow to kill the Destroyer then eventually Skeletron Prime.

I recommend using Holy Arrows. Lots of Holy Arrows.

With this set-up, I beat the Twins with only Palladium armour on.


Official Terrarian
you could set up a box in the air, maybe, i dunno, 50-60 blocks off the ground, and use spider armor, campfires, heart lanterns, the whole shabang
[doublepost=1536883699,1536883663][/doublepost]Arkhalis could ALSO be a good weapon, but i would recommend it as a sub.
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